UCDoers Meeting Recap

The last UCDoers meeting was great!! Per Farney and Greg Taylor from the Microsoft Certified Master’s program came and gave us the run down on the program. They left us with a deck, but sadly no recording of what they said, I guess you have to attend to get the details.

The meeting didn’t stop there though….

SQLSoft stopped by and gave the attendees $250 off any MS class. This was great of them to do. We have asked them to come back and keep giving attendees FREE stuff!! They agreed of course :)

We had a discussion about the difficulties of prioritizing implementations of new products as an IT organization. With MS releasing all of these things at once to save Marketing dollars, how are IT departments to properly prioritize which products are implemented first? Sharepoint, Exchange, OCS, Windows 2008, SQL 2005, the list goes on and on… We plan to make this a standing discussion and encourage you to come participate in it.

Some future topics we are looking at is the continual clustering and disaster recovery planning (not just mailbox servers, but blackberry servers, CAS, OCS, etc, etc)

McKinstry did confirm that they will host the next couple of events. Did I mention they have a wine bar, a driving range on the roof, a full gym, etc, etc, etc These construction companies know how to spend their money!! All of the UCDoers meetings will be the last wednesday of every month 4-7pm so get it on your calendars now and keep your eyes on my blog, the UCDoers.org website, or the Exchange group on Yahoo groups!!

If you are planning on attending, please send a note to info@ucdoers.org so that we can ensure there is enough food, drinks, giveaways, etc!!


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