Obey The Decider – one week later

Well it’s been a week and Obey The Decider has received a fair amount of traffic, a fair amount of merchandise purchases, and some interest from sponsors….

On the site itself we have added a more comprehensive list of neighborhoods (Ballard, Belltown, Capitol Hill, Downtown, Freemont, Greenwood, Pioneer Square, Queen Anne, University District, Wallingford, & West Seattle). There are a few more options for visitors in Seattle. We are currently experimenting with how to make the front end a little more usable for a wider variety of cities. The backend has already been built to support a wide variety of cities/neighborhoods – so yes, we will be nationwide in due time. If you have any thoughts on how you would like to use Obey The Decider – send me an email!! I can also give you a link to use for your city if your interested in the meantime :)

The Backend development does continue, despite the immediate hit of our proprietary decision engine, we are working to improve decisions. Andrew Woods pointed out a cultural opportunity that we missed – Weekend Brunch!!! As you use Obey The Decider over the next couple of weeks for making your lunch, dinner, coffee, & drink plans – please send me feedback on your impressions of the decisions (remember, when the decider decides it is final and you must OBEY).

 Of course on the sponsorship side of things – we’re looking for sponsors now, so if you or someone you know owns an establishment where nurishment is served – please contact me – Josh@ObeyTheDecider.com!!


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