Microsoft Website Only Supports Windows 2000 or XP?

This is absolutely hilarious!! I am doing some work through Microsoft’s EDPS program and part of the requirement is to use some software assurance vouchers. The concept is Microsoft pays their partners to deliver services for their customers.

Well, luckily I have some great customers who want Microsoft to pay us to do work for them and they assigned some of these vouchers to me. This is wonderful and I was excited to go claim my vouchers. The problem is that when I logged into the website to claim my vouchers, I found a slight problem with my Windows 7 operating system….



Apparently, Microsoft is willing to pay us to deploy their server software for them… but they don’t want you to be using any of their more modern desktop operating systems to do it!! No Vista or Windows 7!!



One Response to “Microsoft Website Only Supports Windows 2000 or XP?”

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