Exchange Server 2010 Features

I am not going to pretend to have more answers then everyone else on the internet. There are some smart folks asking/answering questions on the internet and in the forums about Exchange Server 2010 and there is lots of information on Microsoft’s site. I’d like to provide some summary information here for you…

If you don’t know anything about the feature sets or the products have a look at Eileen’s intervew with Ian Hameroff first.

Now into the reviews and explanations of the features…

Products that are in the same Wave 14 are being talked about too…

Some issue resolution for those of you testing already (check the support forums first)… then have a look at these…

For those of you looking to learn the features and don’t have access to a lab or spare computers. I suggest you take a look at the Exchange Server 2010 training on the MS Learning site – there is clinic 6900 also. John pointed out some downloadable training from Microsoft.

Of course the most relevant – why upgrade? well because Exchange Server 2003 is on extended support now



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