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Update: ACM vs. IEEE Poll

September 24, 2007

After putting together a new poll, I checked in on some of my older polls and found one that is still fairly active…. The ACM vs. IEEE debate!!

This poll has still been going strong and it looks like ACM is THE place to be!! Kind of odd, I am a member of both and love the IEEE spectrum magazine (default, no extra cost magazine every month). Latest battery technology? check, Latest research into quantum computing? check, Good pictures so the kids get interested if the magazine is left in the bathroom? check!

What do you think?


IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)


ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)


November 10, 2006

Which is better for upcoming IT professionals?

Now that college is under way and students are looking for a place to turn to get into OUR industry…. what’s the BEST place to show the next class of IT professionals the way?

Should they get into the IEEE?

Or is the ACM more beneficial for IT Pros?

Cast your vote…

Let your peers and upcoming employees know where they should turn now (results will be posted later)…

Btw, if you have a write in group that you think is better, let us know as well!!

UPDATE 11/10/2007:

Go vote, the ACM is kicking butt against the IEEE…..


IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)


ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)


UPDATE 11/13/2007:

Interesting to see how quickly this changes….


IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)


ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)