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RIM Outage

April 18, 2007

Despite Jason’s jokes about the outage……. I am certainly glad I am not on a NOC based system today. Having technically owned this sort of system and been a user of it for YEARS…..I can safely say that this and every other NOC outage is severely impacting to the business.

I don’t have to tell those of you who have experienced being the technical person on the hook for the service…..but for the rest of you, the entire company starts to think that you and your team are the problem and that they should be the ones to discuss the outage with the vendor (um, the entire continent doesn’t have service……why does the CEO think they have more pull then the entire US Government?)

 The interesting thing Jason and the rest of the competition is missing is that if you’re just talking email, these little outages are worth it for most users in the world, if it means that the email on the device is easy to use and naturally addictive…..(sorry there is still nothing better at mobile email then a blackberry device)!!

Authors, Speakers, and Bloggers…Oh My

March 2, 2007

There has been a lot of buzz lately from all the tech rags trying to get YOUR experiences and expertise into the mainstream. In a large part this has come from the realization that all you bloggers out there have a lot to say, know how to say it, and have readers interests….There has always been these traditional outlets to put your knowledge out in the open and some people are shy or unsure about doing it. It is much easier to put a blog together and write whatever crappy story you come up with… tech reviews, no editors, no deadlines…..but you don’t get the unique experience that is publishing….so what should you do?

You can always try (and keep on trying until it happens for you). If you have a half baked story surrounding a phenomenal technology implementation, or nugget of wisdom then you are more then qualified to attempt this kind of thing. If you are in the Windows IT Infrastructure space, you should see my last post about technet magazine. If you are in the Windows systems architecture space, you should see my last post about the architecture journal. If you would rather put together a presentation and talk about it, Monday (3/5/07) is the last day for submissions to the Exchange Connections Conference (SQL’s closing date is the 9th and Mobile’s closing date is the 16th). You should check out Paul’s post and put together a few abstracts then run over to the site and submit your abstracts. The worst that can happen is you’ll beef up the abstracts and submit them next year…..

An alternative solution would be to come to the un-conference session at the Spring Exchange connections conference in Orlando and get your presentation/article/idea out in front of your peers, then work on it for submission into any of the magazines/conferences at a later date.

Windows Mobile vs. iPhone

March 2, 2007

I came across this cartoon today after reading Jason Landridge’s blog and thought it was quite funny…..As you may know, I recently purchased a windows mobile device (moving from a blackberry device)…..

I wonder what the same conversation would look like with a blackberry in the picture….

So far it’s great to have email, camera, voice, music, etc all on one device……but…….rebooting the device daily, not switching between network services smoothly (requiring a reboot to force it), email connections timing out (requiring another reboot), waiting for five to ten minutes for an application to switch, etc are all a usability pain in the $&%…….

Blackberry did it better…..I am not sure Apple will though (my old ipod needed resets regularly, had long wait times, connectivity to the desktop issues, and of course battery issues)…..

I’m holding out for WM 6 (T-Mobile needs to make it available for the Dash), or the Windows Mobile iPhone…..before I say Windows Mobile is annoying or even bad…..Then again some reviews I’ve read say WM 6 is still slow and flaky…

Will RIM’s SymbianOS device allow open standards?

November 8, 2006

Now that the rumors have died down from everyone talking about RIM‘s possible move to SymbianOS. I want to offer an interesting aspect of this that could be true if they made the move……other server applications could push messaging data to a RIM device…. yes, SymbianOS is a large client of the open standards push protocols (Like SyncML & LEMONADE). If RIM really makes this kind of a move it could open the market up sooner then most companies and analysts previously thought. Of course an alternative might be to go with an open source mobile OS :)

There has been a lot of development in these spaces lately as well…

Funambol’s Code Sniper program is offering real money to developers (upwards of $3000) to put together some open source plug ins for Skype, Yahoo, gmail, jahjah, etc.
Isode implemented a forward without download feature into their product.

There is a lot of potential in this space if the hollywood of mobile devices allows these vendors to play….

LEMONADE vs. Blackberry

November 7, 2006

The great folks over at Isode have begun to put together a comparison or mobile features. This is great! I have not come across anything like this before. I really like the approach of exlaining the feature importance and then explaining the rest of the comparison.
If you are considering mobile applications…you should check it out!

It would be great to put this together across the platforms……a wiki would work