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December 16, 2006

After the windstorm on Friday I felt a little vulnerable, my cable was out ALL day so I had no internet (except over the blackberry), no way to get news (do they still make traditional stereos for the house?, my XM receiver is in the car and I use the XM website at home), and after my cell phone battery died I couldn’t call anyone (do they still make land lines?).  So I spent the day today playing around on the internet and reading all of the events that occured while I was off the grid (well disconnected from cable).

One cool Seattle company I cam across was a local guy Kevin O’Keefe, he’s put together a really cool business named LexBlog that is focused on delivering blogs to Lawyers. I have spent the last few hours checking out his business. He has built turnkey solutions for lawyers to get online with blogs and create a real conversation around it. This is impressive being an ex-lawyer himself to dive this deep into the blogosphere and understand the true purpose of blogs and apply it to such an important niche market as lawyers. He’s not the only one out there, but he seems to have his head in the right place to make it happen.

This is really cool, the existing packages make it easy to get new customers on board and the pool of non-blogging lawyers is large so there is a long way to go. There don’t seem to be many upgrade packages though, some ideas I would like to see are a podcasting solution, a vlog solution, and a better turnkey phased solution (e.g. 1. RSS enable current site, 2. add blog to current site, 3. SEO both sites, 4. coach firm on blogging techniques to use blog). Some other things that don’t appear to be addressed is using blogs to attract good partners. Using blogs to find collaborators or referrals. These are the kinds of thing that could really be expanded with the right people on board.

I personally found my lawyer because of the information on her website (then again she markets herself to microsoft employees). So I certainly understand how important this is for lawyers to market with the right information on their sites.

Great idea Kevin, I hope you find the right team to take it even further!