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Twitter will be replaced

March 23, 2009

Yeah, yeah, I know everyone is talking about how sexy twitter is getting. It’s the place to be right now. If you aren’t on twitter – then you need to get with the program….

blah, blah, blah

My mom is on twitter, my wife is on twitter, my company is on twitter, mostly everyone I know is on twitter. This is all good for twitter, it makes twitter useful. In fact, it has inspired twitter to go look at selling, make some improvements, and look at making money again. Have a look at Read Write Web’s latest post regarding the proliferation of twitter. This thing is definitely going mainstream (hint: if you are mainstream – go create an account)!!

A couple years ago, we were at the same cross roads with blogs and blogging. We may be a little earlier in the cycle with twitter, but I would also pose that our culture is more accepting of these tools, so it’s still the right time to make the prediction. When we were at this cross roads last time, I wrote a nice little prediction blog post. Dated December 18th, 2006 – My 2007 Prediction: Blogs Will Be Replaced garnered a bunch of people telling me I was wrong, telling me that blogs were growing in proliferation and would be the ultimate supremacy for brand management, community interaction, etc. Yes – blogs didn’t disapear. Yes – blogs are great community interaction tools. Yes – Dave Winer is still blogging (despite his promise). Yes – the concept of blogging is great for news reporting, signaling, and information disimenation….

But Blogs were replaced – they were replaced by twitter and to some degree facebook. As marketing departments took over blogs and corporate employees (such as Microsoft PMs) began getting blog posts added to their annual and quarterly goals, the early adopters, the people who made blogging popular, the crowd that tested, evangelized, and vetted the technology moved on. Sure the bloggers still blog a bit (I still blog at this blog) – but along with everyone else (including Dave Winer), I spend a lot more time on twitter – twitter has replaced my excitement for blogging the same as it has for most bloggers who started earlier in this decade with the new cool thing called blogging.

So the question is – what will replacae twitter? Like my earlier blog post about blogging being replaced, I don’t know the answer. I do know that an opportunity exists for a few entrepreneurs. There is the space of helping people get onto twitter (some entrepreneurial consultants have started this already – but there is room for more). There is also the space of creating the next thing for all of us early adopters of social/community interactive/writing/commenting tools to use.

We need to go somewhere – our current tool has been taken over by the mainstream and thus will be replaced.

Does Twittering count as blogging?

April 30, 2008

I’m sure this has been asked by all sorts of people all the time, but when I googled the title of this post the first thing I got was… Twitter’s blog?!

Well fine then :p

I guess I’ll have to share all the groovy pics of the Seattle Lunch 2.0s that have been happening around here. The last one (last friday for those not in the loop), was over at Ontela and was an absolute Smash!! Thanks to Rob over there at Ontela for doing all the work to make sure we could completely take over the place with our 200+ attendees!! Also thanks to Dan for sharing his company with us…. and of course Geir over at Silicon Valley Bank and Craig over at WSGR for sponsoring and everyone else who mentioned the event!! Btw, if you’re interested in sponsoring a future event – please let me know!!

Btw, there are pics of the blist lunch up as well they are just before the pics of my family trip to Ireland…. Also you can view them in the Seattle Lunch 2.0 Flickr Group. Btw, Beth – how do I turn my flickr group into a zumobi square?


One week to go

October 8, 2007

Until Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Widemile!! There are still some seats left too!! If you want to get in or decided you won’t be able to make it – Go update your status at

This event should be good, loads of free organic food! Two great speakers who have built web marketing companies on the shoulders of their expertise in the field. Of course the usual networking with the local tech community!! All the details on bus service, parking, etc are ath the Seattle Lunch 2.0 wiki.

Also next week is the Boston Web Community Dinner that my friend Len is putting together with EMC’s wallet!! Perhaps if it’s a hit we’ll get a Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ EMC (of course we’ll have to top the HDS lunch). I won’t be in town for the lunch, that is the hard part about working remotely and being a huge fan of spending my spare time with my family….. I tend to miss the corporate sponsored fun.

Of course EMC’s internal blog platform is taking off, I have been busy getting a queue of blog posts, discussion boards, etc lined up to start feeding the Email community I am running there. I promise I’ll start dual posting some of the content too…

The Myth of YouTube

September 25, 2007

I was in a discussion about myths in the media recently and thought I’d share one of the myths I was thinking about….

This of course is The Myth of YouTube! The Myth that putting your face on YouTube with a clever video = instant fame is still quite a popular myth. Sure people see you making a fool of yourself, doing something clever, or even answering political questions. However, the fame part is where it get’s tricky. To make my point, I’ll use a simple analogy; getting a good video on YouTube is similar to getting a good clip of yourself in the paper or on the morning news. Both result in you being “seen” by a lot of people. Both get seen by a lot more people (via syndication & word of mouth in both cases of YouTube & other media) if your clip is in any way engaging. Both can even get you a few phone calls from the press, family, or even friends. compared to fame though, it is far from similar. Well, unless you actively work to become famous (and have other people actively working to make you famous). The one million people forget who you are as time passes. The syndication of your clip disapears faster than it started. Of course the money that fame commands for publicity engagements never shows up.

This is all despite what is said about people who started their careers on youtube and other video blogs. People like ABC’s Amanda Congden or The Mentos & Coke guys. Add to these stars the fact that we are now seeing traditional entertainment & information material being posted on youtube such as presidential debates, big production music videos (which take up most of the “top” spots on youtube – perhaps one could argue youtube is the MTV replacement), or weekly comedy skits. These are not your average videos though. In almost every case they people behind the scenes had to work just as hard or harder to make their fame happen. The comedy actors? Professionally trained, or just as unprofessionally trained as the rest of the famous ones. The Coke & Mentos guys? Professionally trained & calculated to launch their career on YouTube. The list of people who became famous from YouTube is really long, but filled with hardworking professionals that would have worked just as hard and could have done the same thing through traditional methods…. at least if they moved to hollywood and slept around a little.

RSS Feeds

August 14, 2007

With all of the discussion lately about RSS feeds, I wanted to clarify my position….I distribute full text feeds (none of this half baked stuff to make you get out of your easy chair and walk over)….

Come see for yourself!