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Twitter will be replaced

March 23, 2009

Yeah, yeah, I know everyone is talking about how sexy twitter is getting. It’s the place to be right now. If you aren’t on twitter – then you need to get with the program….

blah, blah, blah

My mom is on twitter, my wife is on twitter, my company is on twitter, mostly everyone I know is on twitter. This is all good for twitter, it makes twitter useful. In fact, it has inspired twitter to go look at selling, make some improvements, and look at making money again. Have a look at Read Write Web’s latest post regarding the proliferation of twitter. This thing is definitely going mainstream (hint: if you are mainstream – go create an account)!!

A couple years ago, we were at the same cross roads with blogs and blogging. We may be a little earlier in the cycle with twitter, but I would also pose that our culture is more accepting of these tools, so it’s still the right time to make the prediction. When we were at this cross roads last time, I wrote a nice little prediction blog post. Dated December 18th, 2006 – My 2007 Prediction: Blogs Will Be Replaced garnered a bunch of people telling me I was wrong, telling me that blogs were growing in proliferation and would be the ultimate supremacy for brand management, community interaction, etc. Yes – blogs didn’t disapear. Yes – blogs are great community interaction tools. Yes – Dave Winer is still blogging (despite his promise). Yes – the concept of blogging is great for news reporting, signaling, and information disimenation….

But Blogs were replaced – they were replaced by twitter and to some degree facebook. As marketing departments took over blogs and corporate employees (such as Microsoft PMs) began getting blog posts added to their annual and quarterly goals, the early adopters, the people who made blogging popular, the crowd that tested, evangelized, and vetted the technology moved on. Sure the bloggers still blog a bit (I still blog at this blog) – but along with everyone else (including Dave Winer), I spend a lot more time on twitter – twitter has replaced my excitement for blogging the same as it has for most bloggers who started earlier in this decade with the new cool thing called blogging.

So the question is – what will replacae twitter? Like my earlier blog post about blogging being replaced, I don’t know the answer. I do know that an opportunity exists for a few entrepreneurs. There is the space of helping people get onto twitter (some entrepreneurial consultants have started this already – but there is room for more). There is also the space of creating the next thing for all of us early adopters of social/community interactive/writing/commenting tools to use.

We need to go somewhere – our current tool has been taken over by the mainstream and thus will be replaced.

Josh’s 5 things

April 10, 2007

I was just telling you about Nick, the contest winner of Bruce Payette’s book. Besides jumping into blogging, he was recently tagged by Evan Dodds and passed along the never-ending buck to me. It is quite surprising how far this thing has gone…although following the list from Nick, to Evan, to Rodney, to Ben, to Bill, I don’t see Bill English’s 5 things post so the trail runs cold (what’s wrong with leaving irrelevant posts on your blog?)…..until I looked around a bit, I found that Robert gave it to Bill….and the trail continues through a long list of Microsoft Groupies. I guess I’ll partake….

  1. My wife and I own three rental units in addition to our family home. It makes for an interesting first of the month waiting to see what we will have to deal with! None of these have been purchased through redfin, or zillow, or any other online attempt to replace a hard working agent. Our agents have worked countless hours doing our bidding to find perfect deals and teach us how to properly landlord these places. Btw, one of the rentals is open if your interested!!
  2. My goal in High School was to continue playing with computers when I graduated for long enough to become a trial lawyer. Now number one (above) wants a steady income, so number two is on hold until I find a way to make it all work (and I will).
  3. I enjoy things near the water….Scuba Diving, Surfing, and Snowboarding, Boating, Kayaking, etc…all here in Washington State; however, watching any kind of sport is boring (live or on TV).
  4. I have custody of my two boys from my first trial marriage and have since moved on to my lifelong marriage. In between the two, I had a stint as a single father and can attest that single parenting is FUN, REWARDING, and HARD…Yes I am still proud that I personally moved my youngest from diapers and bottles to elementary school….and thankful for all the family I have to rely on.
  5. I only blog, because I like writing and don’t enjoy the long process it takes to write books or magazine articles. Some of my writing work will appear at some point in MS press books, EMC eBooks, etc….But! unless you have a better process for publishing, my work will almost exclusively be here.

Now the hard part….who to tag?

Well the usual suspects Storagezilla, Chuck, & Mark….the unexpected Dave, & lastly, I met Don Jones at the Connections conference, he has an odd array of things you may not know.

Blogs, Blogs, and more blogs

April 9, 2007

Wow, there have been a lot of people starting blogs lately….I’m wondering at what point during the year, the blogosphere will get too saturated and my previous prediction will start to come true. It seems there has been a lot of hype about twitter as the replacement to the blog phenomenon. I tried it a while ago and didn’t see the value in it. A lot of time and effort is spent on updating your own status :(

An old co-worker of mine from the startup days Marcel started blogging, as did the powershell contest winner Nick. Of course Nick is keeping us up to speed with lots of new scripts and tips for you Exchange powershell maniacs. Nick did get the book from Bruce Payette and I’ll let him post a review on it’s quality. Lots of great content on both if you wanted to check out some new blogs!!

Not work appropriate

February 22, 2007

Well EMC’s IT department has since changed their mind (we can read storagezilla now on the inside!)……after all his posts may be brash and entertaining, but they speak the truth and explain the technical problems in a way that only Storagezilla can….

In his latest posts, he slices and dices with technical accuracy and gut busting humor the fables of storage technology.

AND…He extrudes nuggets of knowledge that are too obvious for anyone to have known in the first place.

He ensure’s we are all more intelligent and properly entertained so the next time we are confronted with a storage article or problem we don’t look like this…

Thanks StorageZilla!! Keep up the good work!

Corporate Conference Blogging

February 14, 2007

Now here’s a topic near and dear to everyone’s heart!! Since everyone is in the midst of running between events, conferences, etc I thought I would comment on it.

What am I talking about you ask? Well…A lot of people talk about the topic of conference blogging and there seems to be a large disconnect between which conferences are cool enough to blog about and which ones are not. In a way, this has a lot to do with the culture of the company or conference organizer (media, organization, etc). The more hip organization cultures seem to be with it and attract bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and usually Robert Scoble podtech….the not so hip (although equally or more interesting) don’t attract these types to their conferences….now are organizations that blog hip (or smart enough with marketing/pr) to wag the blog’s long tail and get social mediaists to show up?.

…perhaps you read my small observations on a company I know that recently entered the blogosphere. They seem to have acquired a wealth of knowledge quickly (both internally and through acquisitions). It will be interesting to see if they want to, try to, or can pull off a successful blog presence at their upcoming conference in May… why would they do something like that? Well, it is the best way to involve the less fortunate non-attendees (you know, the ones not making purchasing decisions this year….or didn’t just make a purchase last year)…..the ones who will remember you in two or three years when the budget is approved….

It is also a great way to create more community around the conference. A great example of this is CES, which turned into the reference event for blog coverage….PodTech hosted the Blog Haus for bloggers to gather, collaborate, and make merry. The result was a lot of coverage (along with a lot of hype) about the technologies. I saw a lot questions by smart people about the relevancy of odd technologies that seemed to have no place along with a lot of questions about technologies that seemed to hit the target (but after some thought did not). This kind of feedback, interaction, and involvement with the technology community at large inspires a general acceptance of the technologies, granted CES is drastically different then a Tech-ed, Storage World, or EMC World conference……

There were also a lot of internal Microsoft bloggers talking about techready 4. I was only there for a bit and was amazed at the number of people in relation to the number of people blogging about the technologies there were learning about. Personally I saw some cool posts that convinced me to put an order in for a Windows Mobile device!! (yes a T-Mobile Dash so I will be in the first group to get Windows Mobile 6)….No, I am not lying, I was about to purchase a pearl but didn’t want my wallet to feel empty so I waited long enough for my 7100t to die every two days (I think the clock was programmed to do this, every second day at 9am Pacific)…then I read all the cool features of mobile 6, checked if the corporate messaging team supported windows mobile, and ordered one….

Another reason….The RSA conference was happening at the same time as techready and also got a huge amount of coverage. Even EMC’s masked blogger Storagezilla jumped in feet first and got Mark Lewis on a podcast interview….btw SZ, your’s was way better then MarketWatch!

So what about Exchange Connections, the Exchange conference coming up in April…..of course I’ll be there….Finally there will be an unconference session at one of these Microsoft related events!!! (see the pbwiki on the right of this blog, enter your topic ideas). But who is going to blog about it? (I personally will) but I don’t see any conference sponsored blogging on the site and the last one got very little blog coverage (I would argue that it’s because of the lack of blog sponsorship by the event planners)….They are going to allow one unconference style session, which is a start……a better start then the storage industry conferences….

Speaking of those, who’s going to blog about EMC World? It’s supposed to be huge this year now that the Momentum conference, the Software Developers conference, and the EMC Technology Summit is combined, there are a lot of things to talk about. Will EMC make use of the talents from RSA and the new Corporate blog talents to support keynote webcasts, blogger press passes, and speaker podcasts? Perhaps Joe and Steve will talk about how Steve’s main conference puts out almost as much content as CES through blogs, podcasts, vlogging, and the like…I think they are in a great spot for it this year (especially if they take note of CES, VMWorld, & the RSA conference)….and of course if they have some interest from Time’s person of the year to hear/watch/read/create content about the conference….

What do you think? iSCSI debate re-visisted? Blog coverage of Mark Lewis’s keynote? I’d blog it…would you blog/read it?