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Seattle Lunch 2.0

May 2, 2007

A couple of years ago I worked in downtown Seattle and every summer in downtown Seattle there are the Out To Lunch Concert Series. These are a great way for the artistically inclined Seattlites to enjoy a summer afternoon listening to great music during the week. These lunches are hosted by Seattle businesses and usually held outside…so if you go to lunch anywhere near the music your get to enjoy it.

Well, this idea of gathering like minded people from around town to share lunch together is replicated in the lunch 2.0 series….A lunch 2.0 event is hosted by a local company, the local tech community is invited, there is a good amount of eating, networking, and general enjoyment to be had, and afterwards everyone can go back to doing their own thing at their own companies. To be more precise, the definition from the originators is….

Lunch 2.0 A social phenomenon referring to a migration of web 2.0 company employees to other offices around the Silicon Valley Seattle area; characterized by open communication, decentralization of authority, freedom to share food and ideas, and “the lunch as a conversation.”

Down in the Valley this Lunch 2.0 thing has been a hit! From web companies, to software companies, to just about any company that wants to connect with the web 2.0, blogger, podcaster community (including HDS, AOL – Mountain View, LinkedIn, Microsoft – Mountain View, Yahoo, etc). So what about the other areas where startups have been abundant? What about the mothership to some of these companies? What about the huge crowds that swarm events like Mind Camp, ignite, and gnomedex? What about casual Lunch 2.0 events in cities like Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue, or Boston? These are all the cities that sit right alongside the Valley as THE place to start a 2.0 company.

So why aren’t Zillow, TheCobaltGroup, GearLive, WaMu, Pixpulse, Lockdown, Redfin, Bsquare, Treemo, LexisNexis Microsoft, Nintendo, Farecast, InfoSpace, WetPaint, Attachmate, Curious Office, Classmates, ProgrammableWeb, Google – Kirkland, BlueDot, Oracle, JamGlue, PopcapGames, MessageGate, Escapia, Pluggd, AOL – Seattle, Zoji, Fluke, Judy’s Book, Clearswift, Sampa, Impinj, Menuism, F5, LexBlog, Sun, Findory, Madrona, mPire, Motorola – Redmond, Limeade, Amazon, Jobster, Premera, iLike, Vulcan, Real, Adic, Twango, Adobe, Ontela, Denali, SecondSpace, EMC – Bellevue, UrbanSpoon, AMD, OneByOneMedia, Aditi, 3Sharp, Boeing, Newvine, Avanade, eyejot, Intel, Mixxer, XO Communications, eDiscovery Law, ZenZui, ZooDango, Isomedia, Mixpo, Loudeye Trailfire, eProject, Shelfari, Tmobile ImageKind, comcast, PicNik, Azaleos, BagBorroworsteal, Expedia, Trumba, Lucid8, Payscale, IBM – Kirkland/Seattle BuddyTV, Bocada, TheRobotCoop, Safeharbor, Vizrea, Isilon, Shackprices, Concur, OthersOnline, Jetstream, SmartSheet, X10, Wishpot, Opsware, GridNetworks, Clearwire, Synapse, CA, TrenchMice, Cingular, Quantum, and all the other Seattle Tech or startup companies…

I know, I know, there are the WSA events where people fight over Google and Microsoft…..or you can go get coffee with some startup entrepreneurs ……but for the actual techies…. developers, bloggers, technologists, server admins, PMs, entrepreneurs, etc, etc….we need a better easier way to get together for lunch. We need a better way to enhance our local tech community…maybe then Hugh won’t decline attending a Seattle Geek Dinner.

So who wants to sponsor a lunch 2.0 event here in the greater Seattle area?

EMCWorld: Exchange Presentations

May 1, 2007

Well despite the invitation to the EMC World 2007 Press dinner…..I won’t even be at EMC World this year!! So now I am stuck with the rest of you who aren’t going…..trying to find out what is going on there this year…..trying to get the information from the conference…without actually attending……and no, EMC doesn’t have the great access that is available at MIX07 or the almost as good access that was at the RSA conference this year…..

Ok, so I do have a few connections and have seen a lot of the presentations that will be occuring there….all of which are being given to Sr. Management this week for their opinions…..but I am not presenting or in any way part of the conference, so all the information I am digging up for you is sponsored by your Community Evangelist…

Well, I’m sure one interesting topic is Messaging…so….What Exchange sessions are we going to miss?



Affordable Protection for Exchange and SQL Server Environments with EMC RepliStor and CLARiiON Technical
Best Practices for Exchange Deployments on Symmetrix DMX and EMC CLARiiON Technical
Dell, Inc.: Leveraging Exchange 2007 Replication and EMC MirrorView to Provide Messaging Availability Technical
Disaster Recovery Strategies for Microsoft Exchange on CLARiiON Technical
Leveraging Features of Exchange 2007 with Replication Manager 5.0 Technical
Performance of Symmetrix DMX in Microsoft Exchange Environments Technical
Replication Manager – Common Management for EMC Environments Technical
Unisys Corporation: Advanced Storage and Server Architectures for Microsoft Exchange 2007 Technical
Using AutoStart and MirrorView to Protect Microsoft Exchange 2003 Technical

The Best Practices session is good….as is the Performance session….The other internal presentations I have not seen yet….so I can’t comment on their quality. I’ll see if I can get ahold of them and make some recomendations….

I have seen the Unisys presentation and the Dell presentation (which you can get a preview of Dell’s Exchange Replication presentation) and they were good introductions/overviews.

More info to come as I dig it up for you!!

Upcoming Events

April 26, 2007

Wow, it’s been so busy…..I almost forgot to post about upcoming events!!

Check out the series of webcasts….

Ferris Research’s David Ferris will host another Emerging Messaging Technologies Webinar in May

  • May 16th, 2007 @ 8:30am pacific

Osterman Research’s Michael Osterman will host a webinar titled Exchange 2007 – Approaching email Utopia

  • April 26th, 2007 (today) @ 10am pacific

Of course there are the Exchange/UC/Office/Mobility events that Eileen is keeping tabs on (thanks Eileen!!)

Don’t forget EMC World 2007, May 21st-24th in Orlando…..I’ll be blogging more about this one

The next Exchange User Group meeting? Yeah I know it’s already April…..we have been having some issues getting the next one together. Do you want to come speak at or host a meeting? I’ll bring Exchange Users & give-aways….. contact me!

Seattle Mind Camp 4.0! <- I’m going to this one, are you?

  • July 1st – 2nd

Gnomedex 7.0 <- Hmm, haven’t been to this, do any non- A-listers actually go? it’s $500 and there is NO agenda posted!!

  • August 9th – 11th

Seattle Geek Dinner <- not setup yet….

  • …but Hugh Macleod will be in town May 2nd-6th and may cause a dinner….
  • …. Anil and I also want to hook up a dinner for the storage bloggers

Perhaps the two events will meet, or be different events, or not happen at all, in any case it will be fun……are you interested?

Quentin’s Birthday!! <- He’ll be a whole nine years old!!

  • May 7th!!! – had to put a life event in :)

EMC World Press Dinner

April 24, 2007

Wow!! I just got an email from PR inviting all of the regular EMC bloggers to attend the press dinner at EMC World!

This is a HUGE step forward for EMC!! Maybe someone up there is listening to the customers…..well it’s about time! With myself in Seattle and Storagezilla in Ireland, we have a different perspective from the corporate types in the middle…..but those corporate types are listening! They are blogging (hopefully they’ll blog EMC World), the PR folks seem to recognize the importance, and the marketing folks seem to have a clue as well. I think it’s a long stretch from having an EMC Community manager or Web Strategist…..but we are moving along nicely with a few real techies like yourself and a few acquired experts driving the change!

What do you think? What kinds of things would rather see from EMC and the bloggers who like the company?

Perhaps by the next EMC World we’ll be further along and host a blogger dinner….like the one at SNW and that Anil and I are trying to setup for the Seattle/Redmond area community!

Seattle Mind Camp 4.0

April 17, 2007

Seattle Mind Camp 4.0



Jul 1, 2007 at 10:00 am


Jul 2, 2007 at 12:00 am


Tukwila Community Center
12424 42nd Ave. S
Tukwila, WA 98168


Hosted By Gear Live Media
Gear Live Media is a company dedicated to using new media to bring people together.


Click for Details and Registration Information