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Pacific Northwest UC Doers User Group Meeting – 4/29

March 27, 2009
Wednesday April 29, 2009 from 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Microsoft Campus
Building 41 – Townsend Room
(Corner of 156th Ave. NE and NE 31st St.)
Redmond, Washington

The Pacific Northwest UC Doers group is still going strong!! Fourth Quarter in a row and we are going to move to the Microsoft Campus for a little while. We have had the last few over at the gracious McKinstry offices (Thanks you so much, we hope to return to your offices soon!!).

This meeting will be held on the heals of the INTERACT 2009 conference so there will be loads of great people to meet and things to talk about. More info to come soon!

If you have something to discuss, have a presentation you’d like to give, or have things you’d like to see on this quarter or a future quarter’s agenda – drop me a note and let me know! I could talk all day, but I’m sure the rest of you have more interesting things to talk about!

Please rsvp via email to or on Upcoming

ok, now time to grab the kids and head to Oahu – see you all in a week :)

Sender Authentication: Explained

October 11, 2007

Thanks Terry!! This is a great explanation of the technology for those of us who don’t want to wade through the volumes of text on the subject or for those of us that didn’t make it to Richi’s webinar earlier this year on the topic.

Of course, you should already be well aware of how this works if you run a mail system!! If you don’t and your running Exchange 2007, you may want to get familiar with a few cmdlets…. Test-SenderID can be used to validate incoming senderID information, Get-SenderID can be used to validate senderID information you have configured, and Set-SenderID can be used to set SenderID information for your organization.

A ton of cool things coming up!!

September 26, 2007

Well the Seattle Lunch 2.0 Docket is FULL through the end of the year!! How crazy is that? We are getting bigger and bigger turnouts, more and more hosts, and the vibe here in Seattle is arguably on par with those bay area geeks!! Of course Lunch 2.0 is reaching a lot further these days, India, LA, DC, and of course Germany!! This list is growing and here in Seattle we are one of the absolute lucky few to have such a thriving tech community. The last few events I’ve seen people hooking up for projects, winning free software, vetting new & old ideas, and of course a few humble geeks carefully plotting their release (btw, I encourage releasing at a Lunch 2.0 event!!). Just to really drive home how cool the Seattle Lunches are, my friend Mark (who I met through Lunch 2.0), had a little too much caffeine and hooked up this swank Seattle Lunch 2.0 image!!

Mark Chrisman's Seattle Lunch 2.0 logo

The lunches aren’t the only thing to do in the area though! Despite Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Widemile being posted and Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ special eastside guest almost posted. nPost has a cool set of evening geekery to attend to as well! Perhaps a little more focused on finding a real job at a startup (usually a few dozen startups attend ready to hire) or focused on hooking up the different local investment crowds (angels, VCs, entrepreneurs). The event on October 2nd (get a job) & the event on October 11th (get funding) are things to look out for. Of course my friends over at Meet at the Pig have the rest of the Seattle events listed (as does…

Of course there is the occasional cool non-Seattle event that I like to plug. My friends over at Ferris Research have a few cool October webinars…

Mobile eMail Continuity Across the Enterprise

Understanding Mail Reputation Services

Content Classification Beauty Contest

Oh, and don’t forget EMC World 2007 podcasts!!

March Events

March 1, 2007

EMC is hosting a webinar on Improving CMDB discovery, consolidating data, and managing change impact on Wednesday March 14th at 9am Eastern Time 

Colin Bush at Ferris Research is moderating Email Disaster Recovery Beauty Contest.

Webinar. Wednesday, March 21, 2007
8:30am Pacific, 11:30am Eastern, 4:30pm UK, 5:30pm CET. One hour.

The local Exchange User Group will be getting together Monday March 26th at 11:30am in the Microsoft pacwest office and we will be joined by 3Sharp’s own Devin Ganger! If you haven’t made it to our other events, this one should be right up there in the must attend category…..

And of course the CTIA Wireless 2007, March 27th – 29th in Orlando

Eileen has all the MS events listed as usual (thanks Eileen)

Exchange Hosting

November 10, 2006

Ferris Research will be having another webinar next week…

You are invited to the following Webinar on Wednesday, November 15, 2006. (follow the link to sign up

To attend, call +1 512 225 3568 at 8:25am Pacific Time, for the start at 8:30am. As a subscriber to our Analyzer Information Service, you personally are pre-registered. After you dial in, you’ll join the conference right away, and you will hear music on hold until the actual start time. We wish to minimize the amount of time participants are placed on hold, which is why you are put into the conference right away, but please note that shortly after being connected, an operator will break in to collect your name, email, and organization name. This should take only a moment, and you’ll then immediately be returned to the conference.

Slides will be available for download at least 24 hours in advance of the Webinar at this address:

Note that, as a subscriber to our service, your questions during Q&A will be given priority. You’ll also be able to receive a writeup of the Webinar and listen to a recording of it when it’s finished.

Hope to see you there.

Ferris Research