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George Budabin

December 22, 2006

As most of you know, I suffered the loss of my sister this year. It was a tragic occasion of which I still feel and think about regularly. Every month Robin and I take a portion of our earnings to help pay for her Son Javier’s future. We do this because we love him and loved his mother.

A couple days ago, a fellow Seattle Blogger Andru Edwards suffered the loss of his father, George Budabin. I can’t imagine losing my father, being a father myself, I know how Andru can understand his father’s feelings without hearing the words. I know that Andru is a resourceful, creative, and intelligent person that must have been influenced heavily by his father. Having adopted Andru (as on of six other siblings), George must have been a great and loving man himself.

Andru, please accept my condolences. I hope that you and your family will make it through this sad time. If there is Anything that I can do to help, don’t hesitate to let me know.