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Gmail Mobile is Sexy

November 3, 2006

But it doesn’t work with T-MOBILE USA!!! It kind of reminds me of something Microsoft would do…. Brag about a new feature, get lots of coverage, tout the wonders, and then make it work for everyone. Now don’t get me wrong…My Google Mobile Maps application is cool even if the traffic is not updated properly. My Google Mobile Chat is cool (it follows me EVERYWHERE I go). I would love to have Google Mobile Gmail too….It’s a great way to control the synchronization from Google’s standpoint.

Of course if they would ditch the Microsoft like control and open up gmail to LEMONADE or OMA-DS things would be much better and easier to get device support on….then Google could work on porting Google Mobile maps to the Windows Mobile platform.

Google Transit

September 29, 2006

This is really cool, Google Transit added a few more cities to their collection (including Seattle)!!

I have been waiting for this for a while as it is sometimes difficult to plan a complex bus ride…. but not anylonger.

For example, if someone were to work at Microsoft and decide to quite and go work for Google, they could now plan their bus trip for their last day….

Google Mobile Maps is Incorrect

August 9, 2006

I happened to use Google Mobile Maps the other day and found later that it wasn’t exactly honest about how heavy the traffic was or where the traffic was. So I decided to do a comparison around rush hour yesterday.

Here is the local web based traffic cam shot..

Here is the shot of Google Mobile Maps on my Blackberry 7100t from just seconds earlier..

You will notice that there are places that are green on Google Mobile Maps that are yellow or even red on the web based application. For example, notice the the web app shows black on 520 West (the topmost horizontal road), while GMM shows green. Keep in mind these were taken right after refreshes (although I don’t think traffic goes from green to black in a matter of seconds). You will also see at the far right a glimmer of red on GMM for the same road, while the same section on the web app is all green.

The basic conclusion? ………Don’t count on the Traffic Report from Google Mobile Maps. If Google is watching, drop me a line and let me know why it’s so different…