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Everyone is hacking

August 10, 2006

Defcon this year gave us some exciting news….. you can now hack Blackberries well you can get malware onto the device which will in turn open a backdoor to your network and both will effectively be compromised. Praetorian Global’s Jesse D’Aguanno will post the details of the hack soon on their site.

RIM was obviously notified ahead of time, they were able to post a couple of documents, Protecting the Blackberry device platform against malware and Placing the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution in a segmented network at the end of July.

An interesting aspect of this, is that now blackberries could let the outsiders steal data, and soon the inside users will be able to steal more data with the Camera Blackberry. Is this RIM’s way of telling the US government (who like to ask RIM for secure BBs) they shouldn’t have allowed the patent suit through the courts?

With good security practices these issues can easily be avoided