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EMCWorld2007: Sessions & Inforati

May 8, 2007

The EMC World plans seem to be coming along very well! I dialed into a the last official Dry run of Best Practices for Exchange Deployments on Symmetrix DMX and EMC CLARiiON and it was really good. There is some interesting information in there about where the capacity vs. performance as it relates to drive size and raid type. Really good stuff if your going….if your not, well we’ll see what we can get :)

I also got a chance to look over Leveraging Features of Exchange 2007 with Replication Manager 5.0 and Disaster Recovery Strategies for Microsoft Exchange on Clariion …of course more great stuff about the options for backing up and recovering your Exchange environment. If these are things you are planning to do with your environment…you should check these out!!

Then of course there is this Inforati Video Awards thing, I mentioned Inforati earlier and Storagezilla pointed me over to a funny video that was posted to the site. I didn’t think it would be possible to actually have any good or funny videos….but there are. I thought it was odd, so I asked around about it some more and found out that at EMC World 2007 they will be announcing the winner of a laptop and some other prizes….

OK, big whoop…Josh is advertising for EMC….well yes and no, the funniest video on there (out of thirteen videos) is NO WHERE NEAR as good as the kind of thing we would see on YouTube or any other site. That means a good portion of you have EXTREMELY good odds at winning a laptop. There are some lame rules, like a review board before things are posted etc….but they seem to be accomodating despite corporate fears and are let videos in as soon as they can (then again, I don’t think they’ve gotten a lot of posts). So you don’t have to be present to win….but your name will be announced….so it’s kind of like being there :)

Everyone is stoked about EMC

April 17, 2007

Wow, with EMC’s Q1 earnings and stock on the rise….they are generating a lot of excitement about this Sharepoint + Documentum integration from Microsoft and everyone else. Maybe not as much passion as Jonathan has…..but at least there is some excitement at EMC news that doesn’t contain dollar signs and acquisition announcements!!

Perhaps it’s a side effect of the new marketing efforts EMC has been doing… this prize driven video contest……great idea, but why do they keep making up words? Inforati? What in the world is Inforati? Like Chuck’s informationist…’s not in the dictionary!!!

It’s great that EMC’s marketing engine is finally catching on to this social media thing……although it would be nice if they took an english class and worked a little more on their transparency!!