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Authors, Speakers, and Bloggers…Oh My

March 2, 2007

There has been a lot of buzz lately from all the tech rags trying to get YOUR experiences and expertise into the mainstream. In a large part this has come from the realization that all you bloggers out there have a lot to say, know how to say it, and have readers interests….There has always been these traditional outlets to put your knowledge out in the open and some people are shy or unsure about doing it. It is much easier to put a blog together and write whatever crappy story you come up with… tech reviews, no editors, no deadlines…..but you don’t get the unique experience that is publishing….so what should you do?

You can always try (and keep on trying until it happens for you). If you have a half baked story surrounding a phenomenal technology implementation, or nugget of wisdom then you are more then qualified to attempt this kind of thing. If you are in the Windows IT Infrastructure space, you should see my last post about technet magazine. If you are in the Windows systems architecture space, you should see my last post about the architecture journal. If you would rather put together a presentation and talk about it, Monday (3/5/07) is the last day for submissions to the Exchange Connections Conference (SQL’s closing date is the 9th and Mobile’s closing date is the 16th). You should check out Paul’s post and put together a few abstracts then run over to the site and submit your abstracts. The worst that can happen is you’ll beef up the abstracts and submit them next year…..

An alternative solution would be to come to the un-conference session at the Spring Exchange connections conference in Orlando and get your presentation/article/idea out in front of your peers, then work on it for submission into any of the magazines/conferences at a later date.

Not an IT Pro, but want to be published?

February 28, 2007

Last week I mentioned the details about TechNet Magazine and getting your article’s published with them. Well today is the last date to submit abstracts to be published in Microsoft’s Architecture Journal.So if you have some time to kill and want to have your article on SOA, or whatever architecture specialty floats your boat, published in the TechEd 2007 issue of the Architecture Journal…you better hurry!!How do I make a submission? To submit an idea for a paper, you are asked to send the following:

  • A 2 – 4 paragraph abstract explaining how your paper fits the theme of the magazine
  • A 1 – 2 paragraph bio
  • A list of previously published articles

Submissions should be made via Email to

Ever dream of being published?

February 20, 2007

You know who you are, you know a piece of technology inside and out, you have deployed it and have fixed it in almost every scenario imaginable, and everytime you read a blog, website, or magazine you think (why am I reading this, I already know this)….

Well smarty pants, My new favorite Microsoft focused magazine wants to publish YOU!!

This is really kind of cool, Josh Hoff is working on a great walk through of the process to help you get your article published. I know you could do something similar with Redmond magazine or the plethora of other rags out there…..but Technet magazine is aggressively looking to publish you (not some tech writer who doesn’t know anything about the technology)… experienced techie who knows how things work. So what should you do?

Step 1: Write a proposal

(take the example in the post, reword it, send it in)

I wonder when we’ll get an EMC focused Magazine…..

Now I feel old

August 16, 2006

It’s all over the real headlines, but……

It’s sad to say that what I learned in school is being referred to as the “Classic” view of the solar system…. Now my five year old may learn about the twelve planets in the solar system when he goes to school instead of the “classic” (yeah, old) view of eight planets that the rest of us learned…….

Top Ten Reasons you should not Blog

August 14, 2006

10. It’s time consuming – Kind of like watching TV, it wastes valuable time. You could be creating real content, spending time with your kids, your wife (no, reading her blog does not count as spending time together), or enjoy spending time off the grid daily instead of between jobs…

9. The blogosphere is already overloaded – Yes that’s right, there are lots of good bloggers out there, in fact at this point my humble technorati ranking is at the bottom of the list along with thousands of others (yes past the 1m rank). So why would you start or continue blogging at this point? The content has already been covered by the press and at least five other bloggers, would your comments on their blogs be sufficient?

8. It’s not journalism – So don’t pretend it is…..

7. There are too many rules – Yes rules…. even though it’s the journalistic outlet of the new web 2.0 era where everything converges in an underfined mashup of entreprenureal creativity…… there are rules about how to be a good blogger, how to not piss off the best bloggers, how to be a corporate blogger, how to get good technorati rankings, how to get A-list bloggers to link to you, and how to write lists……. There are even books on the subject :)

6. You don’t want to become another victim – yes many bloggers get victimized and bullied by the community. It’s probably one of the saddest things I have seen when a group of bloggers who most likely were beat up in middle school throw their A-list blogs around at people’s opinions….. because they can (see number seven – don’t piss off the A-list bloggers is one of the important rules)

5. There are no good platforms – ?? what Live Writer, typepad, radio, wordpress, blogger, community server, blah, blah, blah…… yep they all suck to some degree…. I have started and killed about ten different blogs because I didn’t like something about the platform, uploading pictures sucks in wordpress…. btw, this is a good thing, it will help encourage improvements like this and this.

4. It’s not profitable – yeah everyone thinks they are going to write a great blog, be an A-list kind of blogger, put up some adds and get some revenue. Or maybe they’ll have some people refer to their blog as their resume and get the next big job or find the next great partner…. or maybe they’ll just rent their chest and clear $10k…… um, good luck the long tail theory doesn’t work here – you have to be an A-list blogger first…. Guy isn’t even in the top 20!!

3. Your blogosphere colleagues won’t explain their jokes – um yeah – Jeff Jarvis, Mike Arrington, Robert Scoble, and Dave Winer….. quite posting inside jokes – they are crowding up my rss reader and it’s annoying :P

2. Why write your own, you could just claim the number one blog and be done
1. There are better things to do with your life……

10. Learn how to Get Things Done

9. Learn how to Draw

8. Learn to make Wine
7. Go Fly A Kite

6. Go Surf (even if it’s cold)
5. Learn to Dive (even if it’s cold)

4. Go get in a boat (even if it’s cold)

3. Use all of your vacation….. and some of your sick time

2. Use the 1m lines of text in a book…. or a new OS…..

1. Start a videoblog :)

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