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Avvo’s Seattle Lunch 2.0 Holiday Happy Hour

December 20, 2007

Wow, What a happy hour!! The folks over at Avvo know what they are doing!! The event was great… free food, free beer, free wine…. and a ton of Seattle’s tech community enjoying Avvo’s space. Of course Mark Britton carefully planned the dismissal of a major lawsuit against Avvo to coincide with the event. Added a little more reason to celebrate and a little more reason to say…. “Hah, web based companies these days have thought through what they are doing before starting a company”…. A much better feeling to have and a bit of a win for entering new market spaces for everyone.

My favorite comment of Mark‘s (if I remember it correctly)….. “If your customers primary means for finding information today is the yellow pages, you probably have a customer base out there” That’s a reasonable quote, of course he qualified it with all the usual other important things to feed the company, like finding good business partners, finding good models to make money, and using good technology.

They space they have is huge!! They have loads of room to grow in their office space near Macy’s!! Of course they have ~1100 sq ft to sublet if your interested. Of course I tried out the Avvo Answers and got a same day reply both times!! In case your not familiar with it, the Avvo Answers is a place anyone can go and get general legal advice (not binding, etc). I asked a basic question about legal requirements for taking my kids to Ireland, I am hoping to have a good answer soon!!

There are a few more Lunches in the works and a few more ways to get involved. Check out the wiki to stay in the loop!!

Life: Stock Game Update

November 14, 2007

Well the four weeks is almost up!! I can’t believe it either and with the market the way it has been the kids are shocked they could lose SO much money so quickly!!

Well today was a bit of a rebound…. or at least a pause in the bloodbath… so I figured it would be a perfect time to update everyone on our progress…

At the end of week two we all got to make some trades – WaMu stock was liquidated from the kids’ accounts at their own begging (and I ditched my Garmin Stock). Of course personally I am looking to get into the rock bottom wamu stock price to ride the elevator back up once they get their Sh*t together :)

Quentin moved the funds from his sale into a single Google stock hoping to ride more of the wave over there. Gabriel finally decided to try some tech stocks with Amazon (notice though he stuck with a retailer though), but of course he couldn’t resist another supermarket…. he went for Albertsons and got Supervalu :) Me, well I ditched my Garmin and heavily invested in $tarbucks…. I’m still not willing to make the move on my real investment account (although I did have to pick up the super low priced Yahoo)….

So what does it all mean? Well Quentin and My tech stock rollercoaster is interesting, while Gabriel’s retail supermarket highway is a solid bet (even if the return is low). Well despite all that I sure have learned a lot about market influences on kids and a lot about my own kids’ thoughts about free markets….. I am thinking I am going to play with this game a little more ;)


Seattlelites are actually shooting bikers?

November 8, 2007

A new co-worker of mine is an avid biker and let me know about a friend of his that he bikes with. I was shocked that people around here would actually shoot someone on a bike! Sure the bikers around here are all over the place and get in the way a lot…. but shooting them is more than outrageous!!

Peter McKay has some details and of course the local press is covering it too….

The following is from the Seattle Randonneurs email list:

Hello generous cyclists! Shan reports that we’re over $5,000 for the reward fund, and the pledges are still coming in. Not bad at all for 48 hours and our modest sized group. Just imagine if we really tried to get the word out to cyclists far and wide.

Back to the mechanics of this reward thing: The problem we’ve had this week is that the two principal leaders of the local Crimestoppers who would normally handle a special reward such as this are at a conference out of the country. But we are now set to go despite that setback. Special thanks to Leticia at Crimestoppers who took hours out of her day off to help us out.

I’ve been in touch with the person at Bank of America (First Hill
branch) who normally handles these reward accounts with Crimestoppers. We are initially setting up the BofA account with the $1,000 contributors. That should be in place Thursday morning. The rest of us contributors should send checks to BAW, per Kent’s offer, as follows:

– Payable to the Bicycle Alliance of Washington (NOT to the BofA
– Mailed to this address: BAW, PO Box 2904, Seattle, WA 98111
– You can also pay via PayPal <; (pay to
– Either way, the amount should be noted as being for the “Crimestoppers – Cyclist Shooting Reward”.

*Please do this within the next day or two.* Kent will then make a single deposit to the account at Bank of America. (Sorry – it is not possible for all of us to make our deposits directly to the account at BoA; that would be a much more complex set up process and has other disadvantages.)

I didn’t start my own tech company

November 8, 2007

I am at a local banking company working on their online banking technology. Of course the change of pace to banking is nice and the impact is much larger than what I was doing with email :)

I have been getting acclimated to the new teams and environments…. I’m sure I’ll be busy shortly with real work as it’s already starting to get ready for me to tackle. I have been learning the tools of the trade for online banking, figuring out how the teams over here manage code, and figuring out how the do releases….

Of course the whole banking industry is down in the dumps and my kids dumped their wamu stock in our little game to try and save from losing too much money.

As for lunch? Well, I’ll be taking a long lunch tomorrow and hitting up the Lunch 2.0 @ Google!! This should be a fantastic lunch – I hope to see you there!!

Life: Unemployment – Day 1

October 29, 2007

Well…. being unemployed officially rocks!! Today has been great!!

  1. Wake up – watch CNBC, read blogs, make kids lunch, etc (ok, nothing new here)
  2. Take kids to school – (nothing new here either)
  3. Bring dog – thoroughly wear him out w/ 6 mile run (wussy dog was begging to stop)
    1. Make note – Wednseday we’ll have to go further
  4. Get home – read for a couple hours about Alan Turing (what a couple hours reading in my fav chair on a Monday?)
  5. Show MIL to City Inspector
    1. Got approval – if you know anyone in need of a great place to rent….
  6. Post Ads to Rent MIL on Craigslist and Expo
  7. Do emails for Lunch 2.0 and read a few more blogs/news
  8. Upgrade laptop to Vista
  9. Check out the market….
    1. My personal portfolio is up…. and in the Stock Market Games – I am royally kicking my kids’ Arses!!



  1. Back to reading for the afternoon :p