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Windows Live WiFi Center Beta 3

September 28, 2006

New Build!!

downloading now, more later….

The email says “think live local’s virtual earth”…. & … more Windows Live look and feel (I liked the old one, I hope this doesn’t suck)… & … some bugs are fixed!! woohoo..

Windows Live WiFi Center Beta – details

September 18, 2006

I promised more details because I think this is really cool. First, here is some stuff other people have put out there….

  • Tris has some details too (who I’m jealous of because he lives on Salt Spring Island)

Other then that though the details are pretty short in supply…

Just to review this is a 32 bit application (Microsoft’s Live Desktop phase is in full swing now)…..

Here is Tris’s view of the world from WiFi Center:

My area in Seattle showed 15 free connections (including the Shoreline branch of the seattle public library and a miriad of coffee shops)… They are all sorted by distance and you have the ability to map them (which is expected).

There is a link to driving directions which produce a box that says “coming soon”. You can do all the other neat stuff, copy to clipboard, print, and email to a friend (which is helpful for meeting a perspective business partner)…

The email is helpful too, it contains tons of information (here is one for a local spot near me):

Hotspot Name:
King County Library – Shoreline
345 Northeast 175th Street
Shoreline, WA 98155, US
Service Providers:
Independent Provider

There are also some helpful tops about WiFi security and the like. This is a great start to this kind of application. There is a lot of room for improvement here too….

  • Integration with in-car/boat navigations systems
  • Integration with Windows Mobile
  • Planning day trips with associated hotspots (ensure the morning coffee in Seattle has a hotspot, then make sure a stop in bellevue has access, then lunch in Redmond with a connection, and end the day with coffee in Bothel where I can finish up my email)

Where is Live Mail Mobile?

September 13, 2006

I have been going to for as long as I’ve had a blackberry that was larger then a pager (it took me a while to give up the small device…. so that has been as long as the site was in existence to the public).

Yesterday (after I read an email about Microsoft’s announcement of live search coming out of beta) I decided to go to my hotmail account and see what people were sending me about the announcement. So I did the same thing I do every time and selected my bookmark and pulled up the webpage. After the brief wait, the page loaded and the first text link was “messenger”… WHAT!! where is my email?

Well… fine… I heard some people talking about a site that was just barely released in beta…. So I went to go check it out.. after waiting a LONG time, my mail link was displayed at the top as it should be… but it timed out, again, and again, and again….. arghh

So now it’s Wednesday and there is still NO mail link on! and still times out every third try….I still have not received an email from my email provider (Microsoft) telling me of this service change…..There is still no official press release or blog that I can find covering the topic…..

Anyone know what Microsoft is doing with this?

Microsoft to the Max!!

September 11, 2006

Max is kind of neat…. but I’m not sure I like it yet. Niall pointed everyone over to it but doesn’t have much of a review… neither does Robert ScobleMike Arrington and Ryan Stewart do have some interesting details, here are a few interesting points that I have from playing with it today….

The interface is very nice looking, the download is a little long but the look and feel is worth the Windows Presentation Foundation!!

The picture sharing is a little strange though since it is a desktop application, according to the Max Blog… once you share a list of pictures an email is sent to your choice of recipients and they receive an email directing them to download their own copy of Mad MS Max and then they are able to discover the shared list, then choose to download them from your computer. This means that you have to convince your friends to go and download the software (they hate that… it’s like SPAM!!)

As for the News reader function…. well that is lacking a little as well…. If you happen to get the RSS feed to work

um… The Scripting News feed DOES NOT WORK

Then when you get a feed to work (both wordpress and typepad seemed to load ok…..

But they were way out of order…… I thought part of the point of blogs were the timeline order of posts which was then properly reflected in feeds so that the updated relevant information was displayed. Granted it is nice to be able to promote older posts, but to properly maintain the feed order and enable RSS technology to provide true innovation…. This is just not a good feature.

So, I don’t like it (although I really like the peer-to-peer sharing of picture idea behind it)…… I’ll try it again later…. (well maybe if it is improved… web interface…. order properly.. etc, etc)

Go Download Max for yourself and let me know what you think, I’d really like to be proven wrong…

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Windows Live WiFi Center Beta

September 8, 2006

I just got it installed (haven’t rebooted yet) so no review……

But here’s a screen shot in case your interested :)

It required the .net framework 2.0 & MSXML 6.0 prior to the install. Other then that there were no major requirements (well it required XP SP1 – vista support is still in the works).

In case you didn’t know this desktop application is a way to use http://HotSpot.Live.Com to find hotspots nearby

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