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Authors, Speakers, and Bloggers…Oh My

March 2, 2007

There has been a lot of buzz lately from all the tech rags trying to get YOUR experiences and expertise into the mainstream. In a large part this has come from the realization that all you bloggers out there have a lot to say, know how to say it, and have readers interests….There has always been these traditional outlets to put your knowledge out in the open and some people are shy or unsure about doing it. It is much easier to put a blog together and write whatever crappy story you come up with… tech reviews, no editors, no deadlines…..but you don’t get the unique experience that is publishing….so what should you do?

You can always try (and keep on trying until it happens for you). If you have a half baked story surrounding a phenomenal technology implementation, or nugget of wisdom then you are more then qualified to attempt this kind of thing. If you are in the Windows IT Infrastructure space, you should see my last post about technet magazine. If you are in the Windows systems architecture space, you should see my last post about the architecture journal. If you would rather put together a presentation and talk about it, Monday (3/5/07) is the last day for submissions to the Exchange Connections Conference (SQL’s closing date is the 9th and Mobile’s closing date is the 16th). You should check out Paul’s post and put together a few abstracts then run over to the site and submit your abstracts. The worst that can happen is you’ll beef up the abstracts and submit them next year…..

An alternative solution would be to come to the un-conference session at the Spring Exchange connections conference in Orlando and get your presentation/article/idea out in front of your peers, then work on it for submission into any of the magazines/conferences at a later date.

Seattle Mind Camp

November 2, 2006

Only a few tickets left for Seattle’s Mind Camp 3.0!! Better hurry if your planning on attending. Andru has assured me the audience will be top notch thinkers in the Seattle area along with those that wanted to know what a top notch thinker really was. I’m sure I fit somewhere between the two so am excited to attend this year. Everyone has great things to say about Mind Camps of the past…Blogging is welcome!!

Also if you are interested in sponsoring, there are some great opportunities for large and small organizations alike to sponsor the event.

Shoot me an email or post a comment if you want to discuss messaging and communities (wikis, portals, email, mobility, etc) at MindCamp 3.0. I am hoping to provide some more venues to discuss messaging, wikis, and collaboration in the seattle area. November 17 is the next Exchange User group (if you are interested in attending that let me know), I will of course do everything I can to use the Exchange user groups to discuss messaging at large (not just MS) so let me know what you want :-).

Exchange Connections 2007

October 27, 2006

Paul is a busy guy, but he is taking the time to get the Exchange Connections conference organized for next spring. Everyone is buzzing about it already. That’s right this year’s fall connections hasn’t been held yet, but he is already getting ready for next years!

The Call for papers is out…..

If you want to present feel free to send your information to Paul.
If you don’t want to present, then let me know what you want to learn about, I am taking ideas for next year’s connections from you. Let me know what you want to know and the most voted for or best topic will be it

This could a panel like I’m planning for the local user group in december, information on a specific MS technology, information on a non-MS technology (storage, mobility – including blackberry or SyncML, etc), or information on implementations, cost justification, testing, etc…..just let me know

If you are in between wanting to present and wanting me to present your topic…. I am also offering a way for you to partner up with me or someone else to get on stage and present. That’s right, you get the experience, with a little help (I did my first presentation this way and it really made things easier).

Btw, if you are going to the Fall Exchange Connections 2006, be sure to stop by the Ferris Research Booth!

Get Free Technology Planning Advice

If you’re going to Exchange Connections and would like to meet Ferris Research, do get in touch. David Ferris, Lee Benjamin, and Bob Spurzem will be there November 7-9 at our booth, #222. The Exchange Connections registration page is here. It’s a good show for Exchange support staff.

Free Technology Planning Advice

We’ll be happy to provide free technology planning advice. Or if you’re a vendor, perhaps you’d like to brief us on your offerings and plans. We’re available as follows:

  • Tuesday, Nov 7
    • 5pm-7pm
  • Wednesday, Nov 8
    • 9am to 10:30am
    • 12:45pm to 2:30pm
    • 3:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Thursday, Nov 9
    • 10am to 11:30am
    • 12:30pm to 2:15pm