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Seattle Mind Camp

November 2, 2006

Only a few tickets left for Seattle’s Mind Camp 3.0!! Better hurry if your planning on attending. Andru has assured me the audience will be top notch thinkers in the Seattle area along with those that wanted to know what a top notch thinker really was. I’m sure I fit somewhere between the two so am excited to attend this year. Everyone has great things to say about Mind Camps of the past…Blogging is welcome!!

Also if you are interested in sponsoring, there are some great opportunities for large and small organizations alike to sponsor the event.

Shoot me an email or post a comment if you want to discuss messaging and communities (wikis, portals, email, mobility, etc) at MindCamp 3.0. I am hoping to provide some more venues to discuss messaging, wikis, and collaboration in the seattle area. November 17 is the next Exchange User group (if you are interested in attending that let me know), I will of course do everything I can to use the Exchange user groups to discuss messaging at large (not just MS) so let me know what you want :-).

My News River

September 15, 2006

Alright…. I admit, I was a skeptic…. I did not think this newsriver thing that Dave Winer has been working on was helpful. So I of course hooked up with his group and found that I really enjoyed yomoblog… fairly simple and Dave was kind enough to take our feedback and fix the product (I like it A LOT now).

This week was the first week of kids swimming lessons….that means an entire hour at the pool with only blackberry access to the internet!! Thank goodness for Dave’s NewsRiver!!! I was able to get through a good portion of news…. and it just kept coming and coming and coming :)

Thanks Dave!!

Useful idea to innovate RSS?

August 1, 2006

I saw a new RSS aggregator today on TechCrunch. This is a great idea for basic RSS reading, I personally use netvibes for my RSS reading pleasure, but this is worth a look.
If a company were to innovate with RSS though, this kind of correlation could be useful……

After the Mariners beat the Blue Jays 7-4

July 26, 2006

I found my favorite RSS agregator is adding meebo to their list of other cool integrated features (like, now if some of these other companies would start innovating with RSS, this could get really interesting!!

Of Course Engadget has a interesting post that may just be the future of blogging, or at least it’s a great science project….

I also saw this the other day but am just getting around to posting the link…. John Dvorak thinks Microsoft needs to take some advice from The Vatican and get a Pope…… hmm, I thought campus was already a sovereign nation, after all they are buying and building every remaining square foot of Redmond and Bellevue!!

And I don’t want to leave out my college friends who need to start investing like a geek, here are a few tips from our friends at slashdot….