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Wow! What a Lunch 2.0!!

July 12, 2007

Go Zillow

I met a ton of new poeple, put faces to other names, and got a couple of free hats!! Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Zillow was a great event for the second ever in Seattle. It was also timely with the new neighborhoods launch!!

Wow, what a crowd

I learned a lot about Yapta (I think my family is going to use this from now on, getting cheap flights for four is hard!), learned a ton from Rich Barton & John Cook.

John Cook

John Cook, who sat on the panel with Rich Barton has a great write up of the comments along with some audio. Rich of course pleased every entrepreneur in the room with his insights into running technology companies and getting funded….

Rich Barton

It seems we got a lot more of the “press” at this event… along with more bloggers too!! Brier has a neat write up on Rich’s commie view of the web which includes the commie website craigslist, and follows it up with a post regarding listing Washington state in the top five states for business.

Yummy Food!!

The food was of course great, and despite Drew getting a count of over 100 attendees everyone had plenty to eat! The next Seattle Lunch 2.0 is already full!! So you’ll have to sneak in or get a cheap ticket using Yapta to go attend Mixer 2.0 @ Hitachi Data Systems or Lunch 2.0 @ Powerset!

There are more pics on flickr with the “Seattle Lunch 2.0 Zillow” tag (feel free to upload more if you took them)! Unfortunately, Chris didn’t have internet access to stream with (kind of lame), we’ll have to make sure we can get Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Wishpot streamed!! Also for all of you who came to lunch instead of the adobe AIR bus….Thanks – maybe we can get Adobe to host a lunch in the future!!

Upcoming Seattle Lunch 2.0

July 11, 2007

You can always check out the how Lunch 2.0 got started video and the how Seattle got involved blog entry…or see all the pictures and drool over the giveaways at other lunch 2.0 events…

Or you can get off your haunches and get in on Seattle’s next Lunch 2.0 event!! Once again…hosted by one of your favorite local startups….and once again with a new type of venue and startup atmosphere.

We’ve seen what everyone thinks of as a typical Seattle startup….some capital, some neat product, a downtown loft, and trendy devs…..

Today we’ll see what everyone dreams of….the extremely well funded, highly creative product, skyscraper office setting, and a higher mix of suits to devs ;)

Now your all in for the treat to see what it would be like if you went out on your own…..followed your dream….and put together a startup on your own! Yes that’s right, we are talking working out of the house! Most startups I know have virtual offices from their homes….or in the case of the next company hosting….they rented a house on lower queen anne (so we can all easily pop in for a visit) without getting into the burbs! The feeling working from a home evokes is much different and we’ll get to enjoy our hosts typical home based (or garage if your building hardware) startup environment!

I know you can’t guess who’s hosting yet, so maybe the next clue will help….not only do you get to come hang out with your fellow Lunch 2.0’ers, chat about how GPL v3 is never going to go anywhere, or get a job with one of the other cool entrepreneurs I know are going, you get to also enjoy Max’s home made Italian food!!

Yes, it’s probably way to easy to guess now, Wishpot will be hosting the next Seattle Lunch 2.0 on August 3rd at the usual time (11:30am)!! Address is: 1114 2nd Ave N, 98109

I would highly recommend you try out the recipe on your own before attending to see if you come close to Max’s mastery :) Of course nPost is going to let us relax with a few drinks (after all it is friday… and it is italian food) and we will once again get to experience Zenzui‘s delightful baking for desert! An all around summer picnic at Wishpot… with an interesting mix of innovative startups and seattle techies… What more could you Wish for?


Regardless of whether your coming for gnomedex a few days later (btw, Ignite Seattle is the day before so there are loads of reasons to be here for a week), live here, or are in town visiting for another reason….you are INVITED! Of course the 50 person cap applies so you better be QUICK!!

You can always contact me if you want to get one of these community events sponsored at your place!!

What happened to Seattle’s Lunch 2.0?

July 9, 2007

Those guys down south are going crazy with Lunches almost every week!! They’ve had Ning, Jumpcut, Simplyhired. Next there are lunches at Microsoft (um, why isn’t Microsoft hosting a Greater Seattle Lunch!), of course Socializr on the 12th…

Not to worry, if your on the list you can come to Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Zillow….

I just confirmed today that the food will be great and the attendee list is looking very sharp. Of course there will be a couple speakers – that you don’t want to miss –

  • Rich Barton, CEO of Zillow & Venture Partner at Benchmark Capital, will speak about how the VC Industry views Web 2.0 companies.
  • John Cook, Business Reporter for the Seattle PI, has agreed to participate in a Q&A to answer questions about what catches his eye and makes a story. 
  • The list of people watching at is growing fast too (there are more people who want to go then are being let in the door!!) so if your not going to make it…let me know – Josh Maher @ hotmail . com – there are loads of people trying to get in!!

    Of course for those of you who can’t get in and don’t get a call or an email from me…..stay tuned there is another on the way!

    Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Zillow

    June 7, 2007

    What!! We just had one of these last week sponsored by Wetpaint, Eyejot, & ZenZui!!

    Yes, yes, I know there was a huge turn out, tons of networking, tons of things to learn, loads of great food, and loads of anxious seattle techies who didn’t get to attend……to remedy the situation….

    Zillow will be hosting and sponsoring Lunch 2.0 at their posh offices in the Wells Fargo Center. Maybe you’ve perused the Scoble videos of the offices and smart people who are in the offices. Well now you’ve got a chance to see them in person, meet these people in person, and of course have a FREE lunch. I don’t think all Zillow users will attend the lunch….but there are sure to be some Zillow users….Zillow developers….and people who could use a cool Zillow widget on their site!!

    If you want to go, you better hurry up and….

    RSVP at

    It’s already filling up….and it looks like Chris Pirillo will stream the lunch if you can’t get in

    For live attendance, use the map to get there

    999 Third Ave., Suite 4600, Seattle WA 98104

    For virtual attendance, I’ll find out how to get there…


    Of course if you can’t make this one (or it’s full) there are more Seattle Lunch 2.0s in the works!! In the meantime you could go to an evening startup networking event..

    Web Real Estate Options

    April 11, 2007

    I make one little mention of my other interests in Real Estate and well now I guess we’ll talk about it a little more…..The online real estate phenomenon is great. It has been lagging behind for some time so it is nice to see that it is catching up. That is thanks in large part to the creativity in mashups as well as some good business minds at companies like Zillow and Redfin.

    The real estate industry can change; however, native knowledge is irreplaceable. What I mean by this is any person who understands the local economy, the local housing market, and the cultural nuances of the area are very difficult to replace. That is in large part what is missing in every online housing application. Add to that the lack of visible knowledge about buyer/seller behavior and there are a few things that are seriously lacking.

    To move into a better position, there are a few things where the online based applications, low-cost agents, etc can be improved to move in the right direction….

    The first thing that most web apps don’t know about is neighborhood. For example, if I am a seller listing my house on zillow, redfin, or google, I have no easy way to show potential buyers what my neighborhood is like. Yeah, you can upload pictures, describe it, maybe get neighbor testimonials…..but most sellers don’t care about your opinion of the house or neighborhood! They have their own ideas about what is important in life….which means they have their own requirements for the home, neighborhood, etc.

    Not quite sure how they are going to fix that, but one missing component from all of these apps is the search capabilities. Dividing traditional real estate searches is hard. Windermere has a great app; however, I still can’t cut my searches down to specific streets (for example 15th Ave NW to Greenwood Ave, between 85th & 100th), yes that’s specific….but if that’s where I want to live why can’t I just search that area?

    The argument against this search level is… can I be so sure that those blocks are the only ones that will satisfy my needs. Well the answer is that I know the facilities there and I don’t know the facilities in other areas. Meaning I don’t know if there are other areas that will fit my needs. This is nothing more then another opportunity. Adding things like number of blocks to a restaurant, grocery store, gas station, park, or transportation would make other neighborhoods more interesting. If I want to be able to walk to the bus, to a restaurant, and to get groceries….the area above would work, but so would a lot of other areas. Adding these as search terms would begin to move into the neighborhood knowledge.

    Speaking of transportation as a search option, adding a capability to see estimated commute times would be huge! For example, inputing the cross streets where you work, you could see from any home you were interested in what the estimated commute time is….Two minutes to walk to bus route (one block), twenty minutes on the bus (per the listed bus schedule), Five minutes to walk to work (two blocks downtown). Alternatively, there are published average drive times between locations, a simple estimate from onramp to offramp could be inserted where the bus portion is, then add the commute time to the freeway or major road…..more time if the arterials are small or congested (as would be the case in ballard, but not northgate)…..and voila! estimated commute times!

    Now you start to see some neighborhood intelligence…..buyers would be highly interested in imagining what their life would be like in a new home…..but there is a lot more that can be added here that doesn’t exist today. The home itself has a lot of details apparent in the pictures and description. Thinking through what the buyer wants vs. what the seller wants can make that process closer to intelligent.

    Until these things are available, glancing at these websites is fun sometimes….but doesn’t really add any value to my actual search, comparison, or decision making process. Despite the fact that countless hours are spent researching on the internet as a buyer. My real estate agents work hard for their percentage of the transaction (if they didn’t I would find ones that did). It still makes more sense to pay them the money and get the right deal vs. try to supplement with technology that is not actually addressing the need.