Will RIM’s SymbianOS device allow open standards?

Now that the rumors have died down from everyone talking about RIM‘s possible move to SymbianOS. I want to offer an interesting aspect of this that could be true if they made the move……other server applications could push messaging data to a RIM device…. yes, SymbianOS is a large client of the open standards push protocols (Like SyncML & LEMONADE). If RIM really makes this kind of a move it could open the market up sooner then most companies and analysts previously thought. Of course an alternative might be to go with an open source mobile OS :)

There has been a lot of development in these spaces lately as well…

Funambol’s Code Sniper program is offering real money to developers (upwards of $3000) to put together some open source plug ins for Skype, Yahoo, gmail, jahjah, etc.
Isode implemented a forward without download feature into their product.

There is a lot of potential in this space if the hollywood of mobile devices allows these vendors to play….

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