Netmeeting on Vista?

Why the heck would anyone want to use Netmeeting on Vista? The Windows Meeting Space is built in and is far superior and has a feature set that is much more useful…but if your corporate masters are WAY behind the times (despite the millions of Microsoft investments)…’s how to get it working…

Thanks to BlackDiamond’s post at TechRepublic, here is how to do it:

  1. Download NM30.EXE from
  2. Save the executable to your computer somewhere
  3. Right click on the file and select “Properties”.
  4. Click the “Compatibility” tab.
  5. Put a check in “Run This Program In Compatibility Mode For:”.
  6. Select Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5).
  7. Click “OK”.
  8. Double click the shortcut and install normally.Yeah….NetMeeting now works in Vista.

When you run NetMeeting you will be able to enter all the information as normal and will have to unblock netmeeting in the firewall.

The only thing that does not appear to be working is the Remote Desktop Sharing option, if anyone knows how to make it work, let us know!

71 Responses to “Netmeeting on Vista?”

  1. Vista tester Says:

    Desktop sharing is not available? Reg Patch?

  2. DjPiLL Says:

    Remote desktop sharing works for me. I am using secure connections though.

  3. DjPiLL Says:

    Let me also add that I am trying to remote control a windows XP PC. I don’t think this will let you remote control a Vista PC.

  4. Peter V Says:

    So how is Vista’s meetingspace superior… and how would you collaborate with Win XP users?

  5. joshmaher Says:

    Isn’t everything on Vista better?

  6. Killer B Says:

    Windows Meeting Space is better for its one intended purpose: collaboration.

    The one thing I miss from it is the ability to set up Remote Desktop Sharing. DjPiLL’s experiences stated in comments #2 and #3 are correct.

    In the past, I could set up Remote Desktop Sharing via NetMeeting so the end user doesn’t have to do anything, and if they need help, I could simply connect.

    I know some of you are thinking of one of two things:

    1) Isn’t the Remote Desktop/Terminal Services program meant for that?
    2) What about Remote Assistance?


    A1) Yes, but the end user can’t see what I’m doing. If I need the end user to describe the problem as we go along, they can’t because, guess what? They’re locked out and can’t see!
    B1) I suppose this is a good option, but again, this requires the end user to interface with the Remote Assistance program and send the ticket. Some of them won’t even bother setting a password or an expiration date for the ticket, leaving a far greater security hole than NetMeeting’s Remote Desktop would have.

    BlackDiamond’s solution works for controlling a Windows XP client using a Windows Vista host. That much I like! However, with Vista clients, you’ll have to use either Remote Desktop/Terminal Services, Remote Assistance, or a non-Microsoft solution.

  7. max Says:

    Why the heck would anyone want to use Netmeeting on Vista? i will tell you why
    because vista meeting only works with ( VISTA USERS ) and as i recall not a lot of fox bought Vista , its not flying of she shelfs .. so thats why having the old school netmeeting will be handy

  8. Windows NetMeeting on Vista !! - Forums Says:

    […] Windows NetMeeting on Vista !! – Today, 09:26 PM Dont know if anybody here will use NM on vista but ill share the info anyways :-) Here is how to do it: 1. Download NM30.EXE from 2. Save the executable to your computer somewhere 3. Right click on the file and select Properties. 4. Click the Compatibility tab. 5. Put a check in Run This Program In Compatibility Mode For:. 6. Select Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5). 7. Click OK. 8. Double click the shortcut and install normally.Yeah.NetMeeting now works in Vista. LINK […]

  9. Peter Says:

    I got windows Netmeeting to install on my Vista using above info. When I tested it with my Brother’s computer (xp) over Internet, I was only able to call him and I was not able to see him call me. And when conncted by former, he could hear me, yet, only things I heard were echoes of my own voice coming back on my speaker. Is my settings in firewall not setup correctly? Or has anyone accomplished this exchange of conversation over Inet using Vista?

  10. Sam Says:

    You need Netmeetin on Vista as for some innane reason MS has made Meeting Spaces incompatible with it. Therefore making it useless unless the whole planet has Vista.

  11. Evan Says:

    Hi, when I load Net Meeting, the command propt comes up really quick than goes away. And it does show the listing any where on the bottom screen. Yes, I’m using Vista. Can anyone help me out here?

  12. Evan Says:


  13. Khyron Says:

    Netmeeting on Vista is great, instructions work fine. The reason netmeeting is superior is Windows Meeting Space is designed for computers on the same network (all vista that is) and doesn’t have any “server” capability for remote users to connect to across a a firewall, unless you open ports and set static routes to a PC. Netmeeting allows you to place a sacrifical server outside your firewall, launch Netmeeting and have remote users connect to it and share their desktops. Some web-based collaboration/remote control apps suffer from lag and slow “screen painting” even on fast connections. Netmeeting seems to work better in those cases. Windows Meeting Space was designed to have just enough collaboration power but not enough to replace office communication “Live”server the way netmeeting could sorta do.

  14. Jared Says:

    You can get Netmeeting 3.02 on Vista by directly requesting it from Microsoft. It will install on Vista without any extra configs. It will let you do incoming application sharing, but not entire desktop. Here are the two links. Outgoing works fine. I didn’t know about the online form and called MS directly and got it within 15 minutes. If you call, you just have to say you are calling for the free patch listed in KB 927853.

  15. Jared Says:

    Sorry, second link was bad. Try again;en;1410&WS=hotfix

  16. Randal Oulton Says:

    >> You need Netmeeting on Vista as for some innane reason MS has made Meeting Spaces incompatible with it. Therefore making it useless unless the whole planet has Vista.

    and, you forgot one thing. From MS site, for Meeting Space:

    “Users must have global IPv6 addresses or be on the same local subnet.”

    I’m not too worried about people on the same local subnet; heck you can just pad down the hallway to look at their computer, and grab yourself a coffee on the way, but people who aren’t sitting in your office? Netmeeting was great for that. Now they have to have IPv6 addresses, and the public broadband carriers ain’t even talking about moving to that yet, publicly at least, so by the time it is practical to count on people IPv6 addresses, Meeting Space will be ancient history. Therefore, it may be a tool that just never happens.

  17. George Says:

    I will try the above steps today and get back to you…. thanks for the helpful information.

  18. Troy Fontaine Says:

    Why oh why you ask? Simple. NetMeeting is compatible with video conferencing units, I honestly have no idea if meeting spaces is (but safe to say that it wouldn’t work if the requirements are same subnet or IPv6 addy). Simply put, NetMeeting still has some very important uses and for businesses that had no choice but to jump to Vista and it’s swath of “supposed” enhancements, this is a major shaft for them, especially if they’re small and they ordered from the big boys before XP made its come back.

  19. vista user Says:

    installed but cannot get the share desktop functionality to work? can anybody please advice how to fix this issue. i am using vista home premium. really need this to work.

  20. lolworld Says:

    According to Microsoft, Netmeeting 3.02 only works on the following:
    • Windows Vista Business
    • Windows Vista Enterprise
    • Windows Vista Ultimate

  21. Choosing a Web Collaboration/Conferencing Solution « A Life of Constant Flux Says:

    […] in Windows Vista. Apparently Windows Meeting Space is supposed to take the place of it. You can download NetMeeting for Vista, but it only works on Enterprise, Business or Ultimate. Again, can’t be used in my […]

  22. Navid Says:

    How do I use remote desktop pn vista….
    I can use it on Xp Fine
    I need to know becasue I have XP laptop and Vista Desktop

  23. Ryan Says:


  24. Navid Says:

    there is an easier way to netmeeting instead of downloading the file on this website, press the windows button (the one that bring up the start menu) and “r” together, a programme called “run” would come up, type in “conf” (without the speech marks) and netmeeting wizard or netmeeting would come up, this work for vista and xp but desktop sharing does not work on vista though… anyone know how to enable it?

  25. Fernando Says:

    You can try if you want to Remote Control a XP or Vista from an XP or Vista… even Windows 98
    Also share documents just draging from the remoted control window to your desktop…

  26. Adam Says:

    Thanks! great howto , who would have thought the compatibility feature actually works.

  27. » Netmeeting en Vista y una referencia adicional Says:

    […] […]

  28. junior069 Says:

    it isn t work…I follow the steps

  29. junior069 Says:

    sorry I found mistake in my work..It s working

  30. tomf Says:

    “Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Service.

    We have received your request for a hotfix; however, the hotfix described in article number 927853 for Windows Vista is unavailable.”

  31. Laurentiu Says:

    Did anyone managed to get the hotfix described in article number 927853 for Windows Vista? Does it work for application/desktop sharing? Is it available for download somewhere?

  32. rockshrimp Says:

    Is there any alternative for NM?I am running on Vista Home Basic.As i’ve read in the MS website,it only support
    • Windows Vista Business
    • Windows Vista Enterprise
    • Windows Vista Ultimate
    Please advise if there is alternative.Thank you very much.

  33. Siddharta Says:

    I got the hotfix via email, no problem for that. I sent it to one of my coworkers who’s having problems with the compatibility issue. He’ll let me know about his tests. I don’t think the “Start, Run, CONF.EXE” trick will work on Vista because is not included on it, as it works on XP.

    I uploaded the whole Netmeeting 3.01 and the hotfix to upgrade to 3.02 to Wikifortio, here’s the link for all of you:
    (it will be available for the next 60 days only)

    Please ignore the “BAD zip archive” message on Wikifortio, I don’t know why on every zip file I upload there’s that message. The zip file is OK, and no, it’s not infected.

    (I know you can see on of my email addresses on the PDFs I included .. no worry, is a special spam-eater-disposable account ;) )

    in MEXICO

  34. G.Harrington Says:

    Alright smart arse – if Netmeeting is so old and useless, how about giving me the lowdown on how to quickly load-up ‘Windows Meeting Space’ and connect to a Polycom unit on the local-area network for testing purposes. By ‘quickly’, I mean as quickly as say, starting Netmeeting (quickly filling out the required fields with bull on the first run) and typing the IP address of the Polycom unit.

    Um… how about sending an invite to join ‘Windows Meeting Space’ to the guy in the next office who’s running XP?

    Yeah, I thought as much.

    I still have uses for Netmeeting because it runs on all manner of machines with virtually every flavour of Windows, is small, is quick, and is not an bloated, gimmick-laden POS. I’m sure plenty of other people also find uses for this application, which is why there is still such a demand for its use today, almost a year and a half since you declared it inferior and useless.

    Otherwise useful information if one feels inclined to ignore your supercilious remarks. Maybe it’s something in the air this morning, but I have an overwhelming urge to spill coffee on your keyboard… :P

  35. tom Says:

    hey i love netmeeting. I got soo many random girls to take there tops offf…..anyone know of good web cam chats online?

  36. srikanth Says:

    Please suggest, On vista Operating system, i am able to call on netmeeting but not able to receive call on netmeeting, i ahve disabled all firewall and antivirus, still same issue

  37. rohit Says:

    Hi, I installed the Net Meeting on my Vista machine, but not able to share my desktop. Sharing option is disabled, Please suggest.

  38. Mark M Says:

    WMS looks like a nice peice of software, but it’s actually a good example of what is wrong with Vista and the thinking at Microsoft in general.

    Our overlords at M$ have decided we should all be using their wonderful new collaboration tool, and no thought is given to the fact that by not shipping NetMeeting with Vista and pseudo-forcing users to use this new software they’re effectively breaking existing functionality.

    Microsoft’s “our way or the highway” attitude towards their users, and their disregard for the business interruption and loss of functionality their decisions cause are the reason why business is staying away from Vista in droves.

  39. pradeepmoses Says:

    Netmeeting works only within LAN & cannot be used over internet.If you like to use netmeeting over internet to make it work behind NAT/firewall. You can try this software.
    Through this i can join a netmeeting from my office PC(private address) to my home PC.
    This software uses windows teredo service to directly connect any vista/XP pc. Now u can host a netmeeting over internet without any third party

  40. AF Says:

    I could set up Remote Desktop Sharing via NetMeeting so the end user doesn’t have to do anything, I could simply connect. NM works from visat to XP. But not vista to vista. i have tried all the patches. has anyone got a no nonsence solution to this please?

  41. pradeepmoses Says:

    HI AF,
    Try using vista’s new remote assitance(works over internet also using teredo) through which u can share desktop & chat between two vista pcs..

  42. Troy Fontaine Says:

    pradeepmoses, netmeeting DOES work over the internet. It is called forwarding ports? You may have heard of this ancient method of enabling communications. I can’t remember off the top of my head which port video conferencing uses (1720 or 1723), but once you forward that port it should work like a charm.

  43. cjsmom Says:

    I was able to get netmeeting loaded on a friends pc….they have vista home premium. I have xp on my pc. It opened just fine on their machine, but when I tried to call them, I got the message they couldn’t accept calls. I then had them try to call me and they got the message on their end that I couldn’t accept calls. I know nm works. My mom has it on her machine (xp of course) and I can connect to her machine with no problem to fix any “issues” she’s having. I really need to be able to connect to my friends machine when they need help with pc issues. Any suggestions on how to make this work?

  44. help Says:

    okay so is there still no solutions out there to get

    Remote Desktop Sharing option to work on VISTA?!!!

    i need to be able to control a vista homepremium pc from my

    xp laptop. i can get my xp desktop to appear on the vista but thats about all i can do.


  45. Josh Maher Says:

    You could always use Microsoft’s new Mesh… it allows remote desktop to any of MS’s OS versions.

  46. vdub144 Says:

    I think the biggest draw of Netmeeting is that it works as a native h.323 videoconference codec. You can connect it directly to a Polycom, Tandberg, or any other h.323 codec speaking h.263. While its not the prettiest solution – it works and it was present on every Windows machine. It is unfortunate that MS decided to drop it. In fact, the reason I found your article was to give someone looking for a solution a Vista option.

  47. cjsmom Says:

    ok, so here’s a question and a confusion. Can anyone explain? I loaded netmeeting like I was supposed to on a friend’s laptop. They are running vista. I have xp. when they are at their home, they can’t call me and I can’t call them. BUT, when I have their laptop at my home and they are wirelessly connected to my dsl (different ip mind you) I can not only connect back and forth, but I can desktop share also! I proved this yesterday. I thought all was well. Now that they’re back at their home, nothing. Any suggestions?

  48. cjsmom look Says:

    your connection works on your home as you probably have a automated rule allowing access on your local network..

    however when you attempt to connect to each other from your own homes you should check you firewall rules.. traffic outbound from you to him and other way is probably blocked at either outbound or inbound firewall..

    its certainly related to routing of traffic.. and not the app functionality as you have confirmed the app works.

  49. John Weese Jr Says:

    There is a hotfix available for Netmeeting on Vista upon request from Microsoft. I used it on mine and it work fine. I disables the Aeroglass on Vista when using which is no problem. Works even if one person is using XP and the other uses Vista. Here is the link.

    • joshmaher Says:

      Thanks John, this is great to know!!

    • Aaron Hill Says:

      I keep seeing this KB article referenced everywhere on the internet when discussing Netmeeting on Vista but it does not work. This KB article does not exist.

      Did MS remove the article as an attempt to stomp out the last resistance against their useless-to-everyone-not-on-vista Meeting Space? (which I have never been able to make work even over a local network)

  50. pradeep.moses Says:

    Check this link for installing netmeeting on vista:

  51. Tristan Says:


  52. links for 2009-04-22 at DeStructUred Blog Says:

    […] Netmeeting on Vista? « Messaging….. Technology…… Life….. (tags: vista Netmeeting) […]

  53. swan Says:

    JOSH MAHER RE: Netmeeting on VISTA
    EXCELLENT instructions! THANK YOU!!!

  54. Lisa Guadagna Says:

    Learned something new and cool about Microsoft product. and that does not happen often.

  55. Marcia Scott Says:

    Netmeeting Place does not work with Vista, WHY?

  56. Charles Says:

    Thanks! I hadn’t tried all the way back to NT4.

    Why *I* want Netmeeting is that the proprietary (Altigen) PBX client software I’m using has an option to integrate Netmeeting as an H.323 client, and it works a lot smoother than using a standalone client.

  57. Rafiullah Hamidi Says:


    I use Windows Vista Ultimate and i downloaded net meeting (NM30.exe) but gave the message that this NM can’t be installed to this version of vista. What should i do?

  58. John Weese Jr. Says:

    There is a hotfix for NetMeeting on Vista Ultimate. It is available on request from Microsoft. I also run Vista Ultimate and it works fine. Here is the link.

  59. chatroom Says:

    superb! i’ve made my own journal

  60. Ike Braunbeck Says:


  61. Muralikrishna Says:

    Hi Siddharta,

    Recently, i have got a official laptop with Vista Business. I found this article as i am in search if NM. Is the software link that you have placed for NM 3.0.2 still accessible? If not, i am looking for the software. Can you mail this software zip to

  62. veera Says:

    yea worked on Vista THANKS

  63. getter Says:

    Works on 2008 too… GREAT!!

  64. Cộng đồng SEO Says:

    This surely makes perfect sense.

  65. Faiz Ahmad Says:

    I have installed NM30 in my Vista OS but i still facing problem regarding desktop sharing. Kindly suggest me..

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