Windows Mobile vs. iPhone

I came across this cartoon today after reading Jason Landridge’s blog and thought it was quite funny…..As you may know, I recently purchased a windows mobile device (moving from a blackberry device)…..

I wonder what the same conversation would look like with a blackberry in the picture….

So far it’s great to have email, camera, voice, music, etc all on one device……but…….rebooting the device daily, not switching between network services smoothly (requiring a reboot to force it), email connections timing out (requiring another reboot), waiting for five to ten minutes for an application to switch, etc are all a usability pain in the $&%…….

Blackberry did it better…..I am not sure Apple will though (my old ipod needed resets regularly, had long wait times, connectivity to the desktop issues, and of course battery issues)…..

I’m holding out for WM 6 (T-Mobile needs to make it available for the Dash), or the Windows Mobile iPhone…..before I say Windows Mobile is annoying or even bad…..Then again some reviews I’ve read say WM 6 is still slow and flaky…

One Response to “Windows Mobile vs. iPhone”

  1. kristin Says:

    HAH. very cute. I was awe’d by the iphone for about a day, but im so hooked on my pin messaging now that I doubt i’ll ever give up my blackberry.

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