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I need an Exchange 2007 expert

October 27, 2006

That is local to the Seattle area and does not work for MS, anyone interested?

One more for the Quarter…..

August 17, 2006

Nordstrom is up…… If you wamoolians haven’t found a new job yet….

Maybe more then one

Redfin’s founder is leaving to pursue Zillow other endeavors, so you might want to stay away for a bit :)
I’ve also heard a major software vendor needs a community solution program manager…. yes that means helping to fix community and collaboration software for an evil genious

The Seattle Options

August 2, 2006

So far Microsoft and Boeing look good as do Paccar and Alaska Airlines. Of course you could still look at Amazon if your smart. So as the profits roll in for lots of local companies and all of the WaMu techinical staff continue to look for other jobs…..

Starbucks, Infospace, aQuantative, Expeditors, RealNetworks, Zillow, and Safeco add themselves to the mix of companies that are turning a reasonable profit and are maintaining a healthy list of openeings!!