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Twitter will be replaced

March 23, 2009

Yeah, yeah, I know everyone is talking about how sexy twitter is getting. It’s the place to be right now. If you aren’t on twitter – then you need to get with the program….

blah, blah, blah

My mom is on twitter, my wife is on twitter, my company is on twitter, mostly everyone I know is on twitter. This is all good for twitter, it makes twitter useful. In fact, it has inspired twitter to go look at selling, make some improvements, and look at making money again. Have a look at Read Write Web’s latest post regarding the proliferation of twitter. This thing is definitely going mainstream (hint: if you are mainstream – go create an account)!!

A couple years ago, we were at the same cross roads with blogs and blogging. We may be a little earlier in the cycle with twitter, but I would also pose that our culture is more accepting of these tools, so it’s still the right time to make the prediction. When we were at this cross roads last time, I wrote a nice little prediction blog post. Dated December 18th, 2006 – My 2007 Prediction: Blogs Will Be Replaced garnered a bunch of people telling me I was wrong, telling me that blogs were growing in proliferation and would be the ultimate supremacy for brand management, community interaction, etc. Yes – blogs didn’t disapear. Yes – blogs are great community interaction tools. Yes – Dave Winer is still blogging (despite his promise). Yes – the concept of blogging is great for news reporting, signaling, and information disimenation….

But Blogs were replaced – they were replaced by twitter and to some degree facebook. As marketing departments took over blogs and corporate employees (such as Microsoft PMs) began getting blog posts added to their annual and quarterly goals, the early adopters, the people who made blogging popular, the crowd that tested, evangelized, and vetted the technology moved on. Sure the bloggers still blog a bit (I still blog at this blog) – but along with everyone else (including Dave Winer), I spend a lot more time on twitter – twitter has replaced my excitement for blogging the same as it has for most bloggers who started earlier in this decade with the new cool thing called blogging.

So the question is – what will replacae twitter? Like my earlier blog post about blogging being replaced, I don’t know the answer. I do know that an opportunity exists for a few entrepreneurs. There is the space of helping people get onto twitter (some entrepreneurial consultants have started this already – but there is room for more). There is also the space of creating the next thing for all of us early adopters of social/community interactive/writing/commenting tools to use.

We need to go somewhere – our current tool has been taken over by the mainstream and thus will be replaced.

SCR is becoming quite a topic

September 20, 2007

Internally at EMC a lot more people are talking about how cool or lame SCR for Exchange 2007 really is. I think some of the latest posts by the Exchange Team‘s Scott Schnoll and EMC’s Brian Tirch are spurring a little more conversation…. now that people can actually figure out how they work. Of course with the discussion heating up (btw, you can comment here or join the discussion in the Exchange Facebook group)… even non-Exchange focused geeks  like Storagezilla are jumping into the discussion about Exchange replication.

Of course the conversation continues with other details about how Windows 2008 clusering will change Exchange implementations and I’m sure more will continue.

Perhaps you shuld go vote to give your opinion on the topic!!

Fans of High End Storage

July 19, 2007

Well I haven’t been feeling well the last two days :( So I have been slow on email and posts. I read Chuck’s latest post and thought it was a great way to help introduce…. A Storage related facebook group… Fans of High End Storage! Now a lot of you may be thinking, “Facebook is for college kids”… Chuck, StorageAnarchist, StorageZilla, and everyone else, why don’t you come on over and try it out. I’ve found a lot of my partners there, along with good friends, colleagues, neighbors, and customers! The Fans of High End Storage group is a place to talk about things relevant to high end storage, heated discussions are ok, but of course slander and being mean is NOT ok. It’s not just for EMC’ers…. any fan of high end storage (whether you run it, build it, sell it, blog about it, or do anything else with it), even the suddenly missing HDS blogger, David Merrill is welcome to join us!!

Check it out, you’ll have to login, but trust me it’s worth it :)