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Life: Vacation!!

June 14, 2007

Yeah!! Vacations are scheduled!!

The family is all set for our summer vacations at the end of August!! Vegas for a weekend for my sister Joline’s Wedding….then off to Canada to cruise around Northern Vancouver Island on a boat!

I’m hoping the kids will be able to appreciate Vegas for the three days that we’ll be there. We’re thinking the Excalibur has a little bit of allure for kids just because of the exterior architecture (hopefully they don’t like the place too much :)

Of course we’ll rush home to drive up to Port McNeill so that we can get out on my in-laws boat and truly relax for a few days before the kids start school. Every year we stop in Nanaimo during our trip, I’m thinking of adjusting our schedule a bit this time and making our overnight stay between Port McNeill and Vancouver in Tofino (yeah, I know – way out of the way – but there is good surf, it will be warm, and they are expected to have enough drinking water this year) This will be the third year in a row cruising Northern Vancouver island and I must say it is a great way to spend vacation time! I would highly recommend it for any motorboaters in the area (the wind doesn’t get past the mountains too much).

CanBoat_06 001

Despite Canada being a great vacation…three years in a row is a lot of time in Canada (especially if you count miscellaneous weekends in Canada too). So we have also purchased our tickets to Ireland for next year! Yes Storagezilla, we’ll drive through Cork on our way to Dingle…..but we won’t stop unless you can get the kids a tour of the manufacturing plant – with permission to take photos (or if you have a reasonable pub…..two week vacations with kids requires careful planning for good pub stops) ! I have a a bunch of family in Dublin so we will be there for a few days at least. Who knows though we only have flights in and out of the country planned, where we go while we’re there is another story, maybe we’ll pop over to the UK for a couple days or even down to France. The kids have never been over there and we want to make sure they will appreciate it enough to want to visit again (then again a two week spring break for them is exciting regardless of where we go)….

Btw, Tx – I’ll need to take some of my vacation days :)

After the Mariners beat the Blue Jays 7-4

July 26, 2006

I found my favorite RSS agregator is adding meebo to their list of other cool integrated features (like, now if some of these other companies would start innovating with RSS, this could get really interesting!!

Of Course Engadget has a interesting post that may just be the future of blogging, or at least it’s a great science project….

I also saw this the other day but am just getting around to posting the link…. John Dvorak thinks Microsoft needs to take some advice from The Vatican and get a Pope…… hmm, I thought campus was already a sovereign nation, after all they are buying and building every remaining square foot of Redmond and Bellevue!!

And I don’t want to leave out my college friends who need to start investing like a geek, here are a few tips from our friends at slashdot….