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I thought Inforati was a stretch

May 25, 2007

but….Chuck pointed me over to EMC going even further into the viral world (even if it’s not a viral player)….

When you go to the site it wants your first and last name and also your email address. I don’t know if they plan on spamming you, but feel free to enter my email address if you want to avoid it all together (Josh [dot] maher [at] gmail [dot] com)

Btw, the winning inforati videos….kind of suck, I think some of them are sucking up to customers…kind of lame!

EMCWorld: Small update

May 17, 2007

This week has been crazy and internet access is difficult to come by in EMC buildings…kind of lame (perhaps that is part of the reason the culture is so different)….but I heard something today that I wanted to share.

A lot of our internal meetings this week have been discussing EMC strategy, technical best practices, positioning, etc, etc, etc….. Of course that means we have been talking about our competitors, our partners, and our customers. The fact that EMC hasn’t been running around with huge powerpoint decks or whitepapers telling everyone how to deploy Exchange 2007 on EMC gear came up….and well we had a LONG discussion about this. Then someone commented on the decks we are going to be presenting at EMC World this year (I’ve been telling you a little about them for a while)….The comment was that customers have seen a lot of information on Exchange 2007 from Microsoft…..then they have seen that same information from other vendors in whitepapers…..then the information from vendors in powerpoints, then the same information again in a different powerpoint from the same vendors…..and again, and again, and again, and again, vendor after vendor after vendor…………but what about the decks at EMC World this year?

Well there have been a lot of long hours in the labs by a lot of people to validate and quantify all these claims….well the one or two claims that these vendors and partners keep parroting back to customers…..which means these decks will be presenting information that hasn’t been revealed in other presentations or whitepapers!! So yeah everyone in the room was pretty stoked and were begging to get the presentations to show you.

Btw, The presenters agreed to an interview about the decks (in case you can’t make it to EMC World)….now it’s just a matter of getting it done and convincing the EMC corporate folks that the interviews can be posted externally…

EMCWorld2007: Blogger attendance

May 10, 2007

Well it looks like Storagezilla will be heading to the EMC World conference this year….maybe his EMC World vlogs will not include grandma’s dishes?

Perhaps he can report on one of the three sessions listed as GURU level? I’m not sure what makes them Guru level…here is one that I found interesting…

Topic Title: Centera’s Self-Healing Architecture
Abstract: This session is an in-depth look at how EMC Centera stores content for long-term archiving. EMC Centera’s hardware-independent storage capabilities make it the ideal platform for long-term data storage. Discussion topics include the mechanics for regeneration and data protection schemes, dealing with large objects, and best practices to ensure that data remains readable and accessible to future computing systems and applications.
Prerequisite: An advanced knowledge of EMC Centera/CAS.
At the end of this session, you will be able to:
1) Understand how EMC Centera stores data to guarantee data longevity.
2) Understand how EMC Centera protects data for long-term immutability and accessibility.
3) Understand how the EMC Centera’s self-healing architecture enables the system to recover from faults without data loss.
Type of Session: Lecture
Level: Guru
Audience: Technical
Conference: EMC Technology Summit

Hmm…..does that mean your a guru when you enter or when you leave? Either way it sounds interesting to me.

Since I’m not going, I got a chance to look at another co-worker’s near final product Microsoft SQL Server 2005: Always On Technologies for Symmetrix DMX… Another great presentation if you ask me. I’ll try and get him cornered for an interview…

EMCWorld2007: Sessions & Inforati

May 8, 2007

The EMC World plans seem to be coming along very well! I dialed into a the last official Dry run of Best Practices for Exchange Deployments on Symmetrix DMX and EMC CLARiiON and it was really good. There is some interesting information in there about where the capacity vs. performance as it relates to drive size and raid type. Really good stuff if your going….if your not, well we’ll see what we can get :)

I also got a chance to look over Leveraging Features of Exchange 2007 with Replication Manager 5.0 and Disaster Recovery Strategies for Microsoft Exchange on Clariion …of course more great stuff about the options for backing up and recovering your Exchange environment. If these are things you are planning to do with your environment…you should check these out!!

Then of course there is this Inforati Video Awards thing, I mentioned Inforati earlier and Storagezilla pointed me over to a funny video that was posted to the site. I didn’t think it would be possible to actually have any good or funny videos….but there are. I thought it was odd, so I asked around about it some more and found out that at EMC World 2007 they will be announcing the winner of a laptop and some other prizes….

OK, big whoop…Josh is advertising for EMC….well yes and no, the funniest video on there (out of thirteen videos) is NO WHERE NEAR as good as the kind of thing we would see on YouTube or any other site. That means a good portion of you have EXTREMELY good odds at winning a laptop. There are some lame rules, like a review board before things are posted etc….but they seem to be accomodating despite corporate fears and are let videos in as soon as they can (then again, I don’t think they’ve gotten a lot of posts). So you don’t have to be present to win….but your name will be announced….so it’s kind of like being there :)

EMCWorld: Exchange Presentations

May 1, 2007

Well despite the invitation to the EMC World 2007 Press dinner…..I won’t even be at EMC World this year!! So now I am stuck with the rest of you who aren’t going…..trying to find out what is going on there this year…..trying to get the information from the conference…without actually attending……and no, EMC doesn’t have the great access that is available at MIX07 or the almost as good access that was at the RSA conference this year…..

Ok, so I do have a few connections and have seen a lot of the presentations that will be occuring there….all of which are being given to Sr. Management this week for their opinions…..but I am not presenting or in any way part of the conference, so all the information I am digging up for you is sponsored by your Community Evangelist…

Well, I’m sure one interesting topic is Messaging…so….What Exchange sessions are we going to miss?



Affordable Protection for Exchange and SQL Server Environments with EMC RepliStor and CLARiiON Technical
Best Practices for Exchange Deployments on Symmetrix DMX and EMC CLARiiON Technical
Dell, Inc.: Leveraging Exchange 2007 Replication and EMC MirrorView to Provide Messaging Availability Technical
Disaster Recovery Strategies for Microsoft Exchange on CLARiiON Technical
Leveraging Features of Exchange 2007 with Replication Manager 5.0 Technical
Performance of Symmetrix DMX in Microsoft Exchange Environments Technical
Replication Manager – Common Management for EMC Environments Technical
Unisys Corporation: Advanced Storage and Server Architectures for Microsoft Exchange 2007 Technical
Using AutoStart and MirrorView to Protect Microsoft Exchange 2003 Technical

The Best Practices session is good….as is the Performance session….The other internal presentations I have not seen yet….so I can’t comment on their quality. I’ll see if I can get ahold of them and make some recomendations….

I have seen the Unisys presentation and the Dell presentation (which you can get a preview of Dell’s Exchange Replication presentation) and they were good introductions/overviews.

More info to come as I dig it up for you!!